Phyto Extractions Shatter – 5g Mix and Match

Herb Approach
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Review of 5g Phyto Extractions Shatter Mix & Match Pack From Herb Approach

Phyto Extractions is a premium grade concentrate producer based in Canada. They make some of the highest quality shatter you can find anywhere. If you appreciate great shatter as we do, then you can’t go wrong with the shatter from Phyto.

Phyto Extracts has even placed as a 1st place winner in the elite medicinal cannabis contest, ‘The Karma Cup’.

The Best Shatter Mix & Match Deal in Canada

With this bulk shatter offer from Herb Approach, you can get 5g of this amazing shatter in with their mix and match deal for only $150. With other online dispensaries selling this stuff for $30 per gram, you know you’re getting a great deal with this offer.

So why not create your own personalized shatter experience and pick and choose some great strains for yourself.

Last Updated on March 26, 2023 by Bud

Phyto Extractions Shatter – 5g Mix and Match
Phyto Extractions Shatter – 5g Mix and Match
$150 $200
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