Orange THC Sativa Gummies

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The Orange THC Sativa GummiesThese sativa-infused gummies are a powerful treat. The orange flavour will leave you feeling energized and refreshed. The orange sweetness is perfectly complemented by the citric aroma. The THCConcentration is 80mg per package Each gummy can further be broken into 8 pieces each of 10 mg. THCEach.

Each gummy has a 10mg amount THCEach gummy is infused with the following: SativaPlant genetics can lead to a euphoric, energetic experience. The orange aroma will flood your senses as soon as you place one in your mouth and begin to chew it. For the effects to kick in, you should wait between 40-50 minutes.

It’s summer in Canada, which means some edibles can melt in transport, depending on where you live and how Canada Post handles your package. We will happily ship any product, but cannot guarantee that it will arrive in perfect condition. Please consider this before placing an order.

How do you eat these? THC Sativa GummiesHow can you do this effectively?

Each pack contains one tablet containing 80mg THC. However, the tablet can also be divided into 8 equal pieces each weighing 10mg. THC. By doing this, you know exactly how much you’re consuming at any given time, and you can micro-dose your portions. To test your body’s reaction, we recommend starting with 10mg. Then, increase the dose based upon your previous experience.

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Orange THC Sativa Gummies
Orange THC Sativa Gummies
$10.80 $12.00


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