Moroccan Pressed Hash

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Hash is an ancient tradition in Morocco. The most popular form of hash, Ketama Gold, takes its name from the Moroccan town of Ketama, where it originated. This kief-pressed gold is dense, complex and flavorful because the paste is pressed together in layers, under immense pressure.

Our Moroccan Pressed HashFeatures a unique, hard-brittle hash, unlike other extracts that have a gummy, truffle-like consistency. This makes it easy for you to break up pieces for your bongs, bowls, or joints.

Nothing says “good morning” like the sweet, earthy, and intoxicating aroma of Moroccan Pressed Hash. This high-quality hash is a strong and tasty smoke that’s perfect for starting the day. And, unlike many other types of hash, our product doesn’t leave you coughing for a long period of time. It is made without solvents, making it much cleaner than concentrates such as BHO.

Ketama Gold Moroccan Pressed HashThis subtle sativa-like high accentuates the uplifting and euphoric effects that cannabis has. Its great for a morning or daytime smoke, and unlike many sativas, it’s good to smoke at night as well, thanks to the overall calming effect it imparts.

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Moroccan Pressed Hash
Moroccan Pressed Hash
$9.35/g $11.00/g


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