MK Ultra

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You may have heard about MK Ultra before due to its powerful effects.

If you’re looking to find an indica-dominant cannabis strain that packs a punch, this MK Ultra strain from Herb Approach will be your new favourite. It’s a short-flowering, high-THC indica with a fruity, earthy aroma.

This highly potent hybrid is great for those who want to experience both the cerebral and physical effects of cannabis. The strain packs a powerful dose of THC levels over 20 percent.

It won the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in 2003.

You will feel a unique combination between euphoria & physical relaxation.

The strain’s sedative effects can help to alleviate pain, and help promote a happy mood, making this a great option for those with anxiety or depression.

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MK Ultra
MK Ultra
$112.00/oz $159.99/oz