MK Ultra

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You’ve heard rumors about MK UltraTHC levels. If you’re looking to find an indica-dominant cannabis strain that packs a punch, MK UltraThis is your new favorite. It is a short-flowering, high-THC indica with a fruity, earthy aroma.

The MK UltraThis high-potent hybrid is great for those who want to experience both the cerebral and physical effects. This strain packs a powerful dose of THC with a THC content of 20 percent.

You will feel the unique combination between euphoria & physical relaxation that cannabis is well-known for, with just a little bit of happiness. Indica-hybrid MK UltraThis sedative effects can help to alleviate body-heavy effects, and it also provides happiness, making the trip worth it.

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Bud GTA

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MK Ultra
MK Ultra
$5.95 $7.00


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