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Gastown’s Live Rosin Blush is a rare and powerful, live rosin made from organic extraction.

There is no other rosin on the market that can match the purity and strength of this rosin. Full-spectrum extracts, as well as the most advanced manufacturing techniques, are employed. The Collective in Gastown Live rosin of the highest quality is produced by this machine. Unlike traditional rosin, this strain-specific concentrate has a more subtle flavour. Sweet, piney, and fruity aromas aren’t overpowering here. In order to live the life you deserve, seek out the best.

Only by using a dabbing it can you ingest it effectively and reap the benefits of its medicinal properties. It’s visually appealing and intriguing, but it’s not much different from wax. 

Gastown’s Collective Rosin Blush Details:

It’s a high-quality marijuana concentrate that produces a mellow, aromatic smoke. The finest cannabis flowers are used to create this concentrate. 

Live Blush Rosin in a Bottle Is closer to the pure plant extract than any other concentrate in terms of taste and texture.

The peppery aftertaste of this rosin sweetens the complex flavour. With this concentrate, you will find yourself surrounded by a strong herbal scent. Intense and sweet. Your taste buds will remember the honey’s earthy and sweet flavour for a long time.

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