KLAR Distillate by Sciencelab

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ScienceLab’s KLAR DistillateThis is the most advanced THC distillation technology. It is 100% pure-quality THC without any added chemicals or supplements. This oil undergoes countless distillation steps to achieve the highest purity. The ScienceLab KLAR DistillateIt offers the highest quality THC without any added chemicals or supplements, which is what most cannabis users are looking for. It contains no solvents at all, and it’s very versatile in terms of consumption methods. It can be smoked, dabbled, ingested orally, or you can dab it.

The 1-gram syringe conceals a large amount of THC distillate. It smells great and tastes great. This product is ideal for those looking for a tasty treat, or a unique cannabis experience.

KLAR DistillateThis is a 100% Natural THC Distilate made from high-quality cannabis. KLAR DistillateIt has a smooth, sweet, and earthy taste that contains all the potency of cannabis. The experience begins by feeling euphoric, then it continues with a pleasant high. byA combination of a body high and a sedation which leads to couch-lock effects.

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KLAR Distillate by Sciencelab
KLAR Distillate by Sciencelab


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