Kimchi OG

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KimchiOGThis hybrid contains approximately 50% Indica/50% Sativa. It can also cause a sedative effect, which can lead to a couchlock effect. This strain should be kept for the late afternoon. If you are familiar with Korean dishes, you may be thinking that somehow this weed strain is associated with the famous pickled kimchi dish, but this isn’t the case.


In general, KimchiOGTHC levels are 22% in this cannabis strain. It all depends on the batch. Some phenotypes have higher Indica percentages than others. This weed strain can cause a sedative effect that can provide pain relief and relief. It can also produce a couch lock effect. This cannabis hybrid may help with mood swings, anxiety, and depression symptoms.


Relaxing Sedation


KimchiOGIt can often provide a short-term and lasting cerebral and psychological high. Although the uplifting mental high does not improve productivity or focus, it can help you cope with anxiety and stress. The full-body effects that cannabis bud can have on the body may offer deep relaxation, comfort, or relief from chronic pain. The effects of cannabis bud can cause sleepiness, which can lead into a deep and lasting rest.


Chronic pain. This combination could provide relief for chronic pain as well as other physical aches, such migraines or joint pains.


Anxiety. The uplifting high that is KimchiOGThis can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.


Stress. Relaxing properties of marijuana may help calm anxiety and stress.


Nausea. The appetite-increasing characteristics of KimchiOGIt can reduce nausea


Insomnia. These weed buds’ deeply relaxing properties and sedative high may induce deep sleep that can last the night.


A fruity aroma


KimchiOGA Apart from the cerebral high and strong body, this strain has a sweet, fruity aroma and taste. It also has a woody and dank note.


This strain is perfect for experienced users. It has strong effects that last a very long time. KimchiOGNew users with higher tolerance to marijuana may be able use it, but they should be aware that the potent couch lock effects and sedative effects can be dangerous.



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Kimchi OG
Kimchi OG
$7.60/g $9.50/g

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