Kerala Gold Hash Balls

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Like the name may suggest, these hash balls are formed using THC trichomes from the Kerala Gold, which is a strain native to the Kerala or Idukki state of India’s southern region. This AAAA+ imported hashish is reminiscent of the golden age of hash in North America before the 1990s, when quality imported hash from the Middle East and the Netherlands was more prevalent.

Kerala Gold Hash Balls are a perfect recreational cannabis concentrate, with a wide array of uses. Perfect for adult or medical use and delicious in its natural raw form or in one of many tasty treats like brownies, or a variety of savory dishes, as well as adding to cannabis flower to smoke.

The flavours of Kerala Gold Hash Balls are likened to the strain from which its sourced – users will be delighted by a deep, robust earthiness, notes of Indian Mahogany wood, and a subtle creaminess. This unique range of handmade hash balls has been expertly created with the use of the finest ingredients for optimum flavor!

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Kerala Gold Hash Balls
Kerala Gold Hash Balls
$300/20g $350/20g