Joi Box Battery

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Experience the next level of vaping with Joi Pods. Containing nothing but 99.6% Delta-9 THC distillate and real naturally-derived terpenes, Joi Pods provide a full-spectrum cannabinoid experience and strain-specific effects. These puffs are the perfect way to relax on a busy day.

The new Joi Box is a cutting-edge battery system that is Juul-compatible, with a larger capacity than traditional Juul batteries. These batteries boast a larger capacity than traditional Juul batteries or our Joi Pods Vape Kit batteries and allowing for users to draw more vapour for larger tokes. The sleek black design with silver accents looks great too!

Life is short. Do you want an excuse to enjoy every last second? Joi Box batteries are powerful, durable and stylish, so you can carry them around no matter where you are. They’re compatible with a variety of Juul-compatible pods and the Joi Pods, so it’s easy to switch flavors without missing out on any.

WARNING: Pods are sold separately.

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Joi Box Battery
Joi Box Battery


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