Jelly Sickle

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Information about jelly sickle

Jelly SickleThis hybrid is between Purple Punch and JellyThis cannabis strain is great for those who enjoy a sweet, nutty flavor. It is well-known for relaxing and mood-boosting qualities. You will most likely experience a cerebral high that won’t necessarily increase focus, instead, it may cause some spaciness.


Jelly Sickle buds must be broken down. You may find that fresh earth and herbal notes are more apparent. You may find your mind calmer, more relaxed and less stressed by the relaxing and euphoric effects. The THC level in this strain can vary from low to very high depending on what batch it is.


Calming and relaxing effects


Jelly SickleIt is known to relax and calm the body as well as the mind. Your mind will feel calmer and less stressed due to the calming and relaxing effects. With the cerebral high of this strain, you most likely won’t be able to focus much on tasks, instead, you might feel up for a good movie while lounging on the couch. You can use this strain if your afternoon is spent doing nothing or you just need to unwind.


StressIt is a. Jelly SickleIt has been shown to decrease stress and tension. It promotes tranquility. This mental boost can make your brain feel more open, but it also makes you more calm and relaxed.


AnxietyThis is a. You can relax and get rid of anxiety by using this strain. It has an uplifting, mildly uplifting effect.


Mild pains in the bodyJelly Sickle is a sedative. Jelly Sickle may provide mild pain relief through its sedative effects.


AwakenedIt is. This marijuana bud’s happy and creative cerebral high can cause you to feel uplifted with feelings of happiness, joy, and euphoria.


Great Taste


You will love the Jelly SicklePleasant aroma and taste. When you break down cannabis flower buds, your nose will detect fresh herbs and earthy notes. This weed strain might have a pleasant combination of sweet and bitter flavors.


Jelly sickleIt has a sophisticated appearance with its green and purple hues accented with white trichomes. Large patches of orange hairs can be found in the dark green leaves.


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Jelly Sickle
Jelly Sickle
$7.60/g $9.50/g

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