Gorilla Bomb Sauce (High Voltage Extracts)

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Take a good look at this sauce, and you’ll understand why it needs a name inspired by the most ferocious of all apes. This bomb of flavor is a powerhouse of taste ranging from fruity, earthy, and spicy. If you’re looking for a sauce that leaves you with a rush of euphoria, look no further than Gorilla Bomb Sauce by High Voltage Extracts.

Gorilla Bombs Sauce is the perfect strain for the night. With insanely high THC, this is a strong strain that will leave you feeling relaxed and stuck on the couch. A sweet tropical flavor with a hint of spice will give you hours of fun and happiness.

High Voltage Extracts is a BC based brand who has perfected the extraction process in all HTFSE concentrates. They only use high quality cannabis for all of their extractions and the outcome of their products are magnificent. The method used captures all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from their premium strains which creates the best tasting smoke and effects for all consumers. There highly refined concentrates brings out the best quality for all connoisseurs.

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Gorilla Bomb Sauce (High Voltage Extracts)
Gorilla Bomb Sauce (High Voltage Extracts)
$45/ea $50/ea