Dragon’s Tears Oil by Viridesco

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Here ViridescoWe use only the finest raw ingredients and organic crops. Dragon’s is known for its outstanding quality. TearsIt is a concentrated oil that only contains pure cannabis extracts. Dragon’s TearsIt is a rich, fragrant, and potent mixture of natural terpenes derived from organic cannabis plants. Use Dragon TearsYou can use it to smoke, vape, or as a topical.

The perfect combination of Indica and Sativa. Dragon’s Tear’s OilThis provides a balanced experience. You can enjoy the tranquility of introspection and deep, relaxing pain relief without feeling drowsy.

Viridesco’s new Dragon’s TearsNano-filtered cannabis oil is high-potency, high THC oil. It burns cleanly and evenly with heating elements of up to 500 degrees Celsius. It evaporates immediately, unlike other oils. This oil contains more than 70% cannabinoids and a high level of THC (67.80%).

Dragon’s contains the finest cannabis oil blends from around the globe. Tears OilThese products are the best natural alternative for medical marijuana users. This blend contains a lot of terpenes, cannabinoids, such as CBDV, THC, and CBN. It will leave you wanting more. This product contains:

  • THC – 67.80%
  • CBG – 2.57%
  • CBD – 0.95%
  • CBN – 0.77%
  • CBC – 0.58%
  • Other cannabinoids – 0.60%

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Dragon’s Tears Oil by Viridesco
Dragon’s Tears Oil by Viridesco

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