Distillate Syringes (95% THC) – 1G

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Review of 95% Distillate Syringes 1G from OnlyGas.co

Get the highest quality distillate in Canada delivered right to your door. OnlyGas has Distillate syringes that are made in-house, with clean distillate that’s tested for purity. They even use 5% terpenes to get the high you want, with no filler. With OnlyGas.co, you can get their best-selling distillate syringes at an unbeatable price.

It’s the same distaliate that is offered in their popular distillate vape cartridge refills.

OnlyGas.co Distalliate – Lab Tested at 95%+ Total Cannabinoids.

Try their Distillate Syringe if you want to get a top quality syringes for an amazing price!

All OnlyGas.co distillate syringes are made from their signature, all natural, high-quality cannabis flower. These syringes are perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of THC distillate without breaking the bank. And their syringes are made in-house by their expert team so you know your getting an amazing quality product!

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Distillate Syringes (95% THC) – 1G
Distillate Syringes (95% THC) – 1G
$15 $20

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