Daily Caps 1:1 5mg

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Daily Caps 1:1This premium THC/CBD blend can help alleviate mild and persistent symptoms such as anxiety, stress, and physical aches. These capsules contain the following formulae: 5mgFor those who are just starting their journey with cannabis capsules, THC and CBD can be mixed with low potency. 

These THC/CBD daily caps are a great option for daily micro-dosing. The gelatine coating contains the 5mgThe THC:CBD mix is beautifully designed and made for easy ingestion. The effects can begin anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, and can last longer. 

Gentle Entourage Effect

Daily Caps 1:1 offers each novice user the great entourage effect, which maximizes the health properties of CBD while easing THC’s psychoactive effects. With 5mgThe CBD:THC mixture is infused into one capsule. The overall mental and physical effects offer low strengths for a pleasant first-time experience. These capsules have a uplifting and euphoric effect, while their physical high may provide pain relief and relaxation. 

Anxiety. We are becoming more aware of the commonality of anxiety we experience on a daily basis. These gelatin caps may alleviate symptoms of mild anxiety to potentially offer a boost in one’s confidence and comfort while increasing focus. 

Stress. The relaxing properties Daily Caps 1:1Stress can cause tension both mentally and physically. 

Mild physical pains. THC:CBD 5mgThe pain-relieving properties of blend may help to soothe mild physical discomforts like headaches or muscle cramps. 

Euphoria. These cannabis-infused caps can provide euphoric, uplifting effects that can boost your mood and mental state. 

Top Tips for Beginners

Because Daily Caps 1:1Offers 5mgYou might think that you can take more than one capsule of the THC:CBD mix in one capsule. This is not something we recommend to novice users. It can take time to find the right dose based on your tolerance levels. These caps can be used to experiment with precise and consistent dosing. However, you should do so safely and patiently. 

Take one capsule and wait at least 90 seconds to see how it affects you. Also, pay attention to the effect and potency of your effects. If nothing happens after 90 minutes you may need to increase your dose. 5mg per day. These capsules should be kept out of reach of children and pets and kept in a dry, cool place. 

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Daily Caps 1:1 5mg
Daily Caps 1:1 5mg
$31.20/bottle $39.00/bottle

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