Daily Caps 1:1 25mg

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Daily CapsOffers 30 capsules per bottle Each gelatine capsule contains 25mgFor more experienced users, the THC:CBD combination is a potent combination that produces powerful effects. You may experience consistency in the effects and potency of each capsule by using a precise dose. These capsules can improve focus and muscle relaxation, while the anti-inflammatory and cerebral euphoric effects may ease a variety of physical pains.

Daily Caps 1:1The Entourage Effect is a benefit of CBD. Meaning, CBD’s health benefits, such as its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects are enhanced by THC, while THC’s psychoactive high is brought down a notch by CBD. This is ideal for any individual who doesn’t enjoy the sensation of getting high too strongly but still wishes to enjoy the beneficial effects of both THC and CBD.

Well-Rounded Effects

25mgMixture of THC and CBD Daily CapsIt has calming and stimulating effects for the mind and body. These gelatine capsules can help you focus and create clarity. These pills can relax your mind and soothe symptoms of physical pains and stress. 

Reduce anxiety and depression Daily CapsWith 25mgMixture of THC and CBD may relieve the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, and other distressing conditions. It can also provide motivation and happiness.

Enhanced mood. Caps provide a boost in mood and euphoric feelings, so it may be easier to tackle daily challenges with positive energy. 

Creative mind. As you begin to feel better from stress, fatigue, and anxiety, you might notice a surge in creativity. 

Soothing pain. These capsules can be used to relieve a variety physical pains and aches depending on your tolerance levels. 

Useful Tips

Daily Caps 1:1 25mgThey are best for experienced users, as they can have very potent effects. They are easy to swallow due to their gelatine coating. The body absorbs them quickly. You may notice that the effects can take as little as 20-30 mins if you eat them on an empty stomach. Even with a full stomach, full effects can take up to 2 hours to kick-in. 

These gelatine capsules should be kept out of direct sunlight and higher temperatures. This can cause them to lose their potency, taste, texture, and stability. Keep them in a cool, dry place. Keep them away from children and pets. 

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Daily Caps 1:1 25mg
Daily Caps 1:1 25mg
$55.20/bottle $69.00/bottle

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