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Find The Best Current Promotions Deals in Canada

Mail order marijuana promotions are a big part of how online dispensaries stay competitive in Canada.
They try to offer a variety of deals on products and services that can’t be found at other dispensaries, which helps them attract more customers.
Fortunately, we’re here to help you sort through the noise to find the best weed promotions going on right now in Canada.

MOM Current Promotions Deals For June 2023:

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Herb Approach Deal Of The Day

$50.00 (Varies) $100.00
15% Coupon Code

The Herb Approach Deal Of The Day is a daily promotion that offers incredible savings on any of their cannabis products. Check out their daily deals for ...

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Phyto Extractions Shatter is a premium-grade concentrate product made in Canada. Phyto Extracts was the 1st place winner of the Karma Cup for the best ...

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Sugar Jack's THC Chocolate Bars are high quality THC-infused chocolate bars that are now available to Canadians. These bars sold by Herb Approach are made with ...

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