Crunch Berry by Living Soil Organic

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Living Soil OrganicInformation – Crunch Berry

Living Soil Organic Crunch Berry has a high level of THC. It contains approximately 20%. You can also find Indica or Sativa levels of approximately 70% to 30%. You should use it in the evenings, or when you are tired.


The cannabis strain is known to ease chronic pain, as well as help with sleep problems. Crunch BerryIt’s sweeter flavor has candy-like notes and undertones of herbal and pine.


Potential Great Benefits


Crunch BerryIt is an excellent evening pot bud due to its high Indica and high THC levels. There are variations that can occur, depending on what batch you have. The majority of medical needs can be met by this cannabis strain.


AnxietyYou can find it here. Crunch BerryIt is a great way to lower anxiety and feel more relaxed.


Chronic PainThis bud can be used to treat a variety of physical pains, including headaches, migraines back pain, arthritis and muscle cramps. It has an anti-inflammatory action and pain-relieving qualities that can be used for a range of physical pains like headaches and migraines.


StressStress can affect everyone. Stress can affect everyone. Stress symptoms may be eased by Crunch Berry.


InsomniaYou must get adequate sleep. Insufficient sleep can make it impossible for people to perform at their highest level. This strain is known to help ease the presence of insomnia and generally enabling its user to get a good night’s sleep.


Sweet Berries


LivingSoul Organic’s Crunch Berry is a sweet, berry-flavored flavor with notes of vanilla candy, pine and herbal. You might notice some spice depending on which phenotype you have.


Fiery orange hairs


It has great flavor and distinctive characteristics. These round nugs are often made of small, green buds. The leaves are woven by fiery orange pistils, and the trichomes of plants with sticky resin look crystallized.

Review 3 Living Soil Organic Crunch Berry

  1. Melissa

    This strain was just okay. I had higher expectations but it didn’t stand out or wow me. There are better strains for cheaper available. Got the job done but nothing to rave about.

  2. Ryan

    This is my first time around with Living Soil Organic. I like the best and have my strains and producers I trust and am loyal too. I was skeptical but gave it a shot and purchased some crunch berry, the frostiness gave me a reason to get excited and well the smoke was a delight with hint of lemon-citrous flavour. My depression wasn’t an issue after a couple draws. For connoisseurs this is a go get now strain. A huge shout out to Living Soil Organic for this delight of a strain.

  3. Marc-Olivier

    You can find sweet lemon, sweet berry and mild lavender. Many terpenes. This was a very thrilling experience to inhale. This was the first time that I inhaled. It is very high in terpenes. Frost will be the only thing that you see. Here’s the trick for all you connoisseurs. It’s a wonderful choice.

    Gift cards are a great way to treat yourself or your friends. It will make you feel so grateful! You will love this sweet beauty! It is instant, powerful, and increases creativity immediately. This is both very energizing and calming. Reduce swelling. It will allow you to conceive endless. By consuming a product of this high quality. It will not be easy to verify. We are very grateful?

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Crunch Berry by Living Soil Organic
Crunch Berry by Living Soil Organic
$7.60/g $9.50/g

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