Comatose OG

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Comatose OGThis heavy Indica weed strain contains approximately 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. It may contain an average of 26% THC. Each batch might have a different THC content. It is a potent strain that is great for experienced users. This strain was created from crossing an unknown Indica plant and the famous OG Kush.


This marijuana bud is ideal for evening relaxation due to its long-lasting sedative and sleepy effects. The initial high from this marijuana bud is quite mild. Comatose OGIt is generally characterized by a cerebral buzz that is followed closely by sedation that is heavy in pain-soothing. This strain has a sweet, citrusy taste with hints of sweet herbs.


Strain for Stress and Pain


Comatose OGIt has uplifting and euphoric properties that can cause sedative relaxation, which can provide relief from stress and pain. When smoking this bud, it shouldn’t take long before you may notice your mood enhanced with happy feelings and a mental state that may be floating in the clouds. This marijuana strain may provide a cerebral high that can ease anxiety.


Stress. One of the strongest effects of Comatose OGThere have been reports that stress can be relieved by using this oil. You might feel a sense of relaxation and comfort that soothes your spirit.


Chronic pain. Comatose OGIt is well-known for its long-lasting pain-reducing properties. These can be used to relieve pain from many health conditions, such as migraines, arthritis, neuropathic and more severe injuries.


Insomnia. This strain can cause heavier feelings of sleepiness due to its deeply relaxing and sedative effects.


Relaxation. Comatose OGThis strain is perfect for a relaxing evening. It’s also great for watching movies or other low-key activities.


Depression and PTSD. This weed strain’s uplifting and euphoric effects may help with depression and PTSD symptoms.


Sour Citrus


The taste of Comatose OGThe dominant note in sour orange is sweet earth, with notes of sweet citrus. There may be hints of herbs when you exhale. The cannabis plant’s aroma is often pungently piney and scented with spicy herbs.


Well-Packed Nugs


Comatose OGThe plants will produce nugs that have densely packed joints. These nugs are small to medium-sized and light green in colour. The well-packed nugs contain smaller patches of burnt orange hairs. This strain has white frost-like trichomes.


Due to its high potency, the evening marijuana strain is best for those who are experienced.

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Comatose OG
Comatose OG
$6.00/g $7.50/g

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