Cactus Breath

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Cactus Breath Information

Cactus Breath is an Indica-Sativa hybrid that often contains 50% Sativa, 50% Indica. It has about equal amounts of Indica to Sativa. However, it can produce a very powerful body high, which could lead to an extreme numbing effect that leaves you wanting nothing more than to lie down and relax on the couch. This strain is best consumed after you have gotten used to it, particularly the first time.


The THC levels of Cactus Breath generally range between 17% and 21%, providing moderate to higher potency, depending on one’s tolerance. Cactus Breath can give you a strong high. This strain may cause you to feel euphoric and calm, and it could also produce an effect that reduces chronic pain such as migraines. You may find this strain spicy, with aromas of earthy, skunky and herbal.


Heavy Effects


Cactus Breath is known for its heavy effects, which can leave you feeling more foggy than focused. But, it doesn’t cause any worries. This cannabis strain’s calming effects may help relieve stress and anxiety symptoms. You will feel more relaxed and elevated. You may feel numb to the point that your body can’t take anymore. You may feel hungry after smoking this marijuana bud. It is possible that you will have a greater appetite. Before getting cozy on the couch, grab some snack items.


DepressionIt is possible to get it. Cactus Breath can provide a uplifting feeling that could reduce anxiety or depression symptoms.


StressIt is. You may experience a sense of calm and relaxation from this strain.


Chronic pain. Cactus Breath’s heavy body can help to ease a range of pains, including migraines.


Appetite boostingYou can find it here. You may experience a decrease in appetite when you smoke this strain of marijuana.


Herbal and spicy


Cactus Breath has a fiery flavor and scent. You may find notes of herbal, earthy, and skunky in the aroma of this cannabis bud. This cannabis flower has a pungent scent.


Cactus Breath’s flavour is a combination of spicy, herbal, skunky and sour.


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Cactus Breath
Cactus Breath
$7.20/g $9.00/g


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