Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil by Viridesco

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Viridesco’s Blackberry Cream Cherry OilThis oil is a hybrid of two oils. BlackberryKush, Cookies, and Cream. This flavor is not for the average smoker. It is for those who love the taste of real cannabis. This is how it tastes. Blackberry Cream Cherry OilIt is sure to become your favorite! It tastes great and is perfect for vaping and dabbing. This product is great for beginners who want to explore the world of concentrates.

Indica-dominant Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil is an indica-inspired cannabis concentrate that’s perfect for relaxing, calming, and sedating your body. This oil, which has a 70% Indica dominance will leave you feeling happy and relaxed.

This oil is a hybrid with mixed effects, though it’ll capitalize Indica benefits. You can expect a relaxing and therapeutic experience. This cherry oil contains 66.11% of cannabinoids.

  • THC is 51.70%
  • CBD is 9.66%
  • CBG: 1.82%
  • CBN is 0.85%
  • THCV is 0.67%
  • Other cannabinoids are at 1.42%

The total cannabinoids in this product comes to around 3306. This is a clear sign that it is potent. This is what you get when you take a dose. Viridesco Blackberry Cream Cherry OilTHC can affect your brain immediately. It won’t make you euphoric or energetic. The profile of 70% Indica will make you feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable. The relaxing sedation starts at your back and goes down to your feet. This oil can be used to treat many conditions.

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Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil by Viridesco
Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil by Viridesco

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