Bath Salts by VVS

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VVS Bath SaltsThey are the perfect solution for those who want a more relaxing and soothing experience in the bath. They are specially formulated to contain CBD, which promotes relaxation and reduces muscle soreness. VVS Bath SaltsThese are great for anyone who wants more than a long soak in a tub.

You may need a quick boost in your bath. Bath Salts by VVSYou should make this your first product. The salts are made with CBD and other natural ingredients. They will calm your muscles, soothe your senses, and diffuse a lovely mix of CBD salts in your bath water.

We recommend adding a moisturizer to your hair and skin if they feel tired after a long day at work. Bath Salts by VVSAdd salts to your daily routine. The salts are good for your body and mind. They smell so good that you will want to use them everyday!

Imagine drinking detoxifying water infused with CBD that improves your health and gives you a radiant complexion. These bath salts can improve your health, pain relief, well-being, and overall health. These bath salts are great for your health and pain relief. Bath Salts have one use and one use only – to be submerged and dissolved in bath water. To bathe, simply pop one of these glass vials and pour the contents into the bath.

VVS Bath Salts with CBD contain the perfect blend of ingredients to optimize your skin’s health and appearance. CBD can be used to balance, detoxify, heal, and balance your skin. It also helps increase the production collagen, which directly impacts your skin’s appearance and health. As you move around, feel the rush of euphoria. These bath salts will help you to get rid of negative thoughts and encourage positive thinking patterns. They are popular because they work!

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Bath Salts by VVS
Bath Salts by VVS
$21.25 $25.00


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