Baby Yoda OG

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  1. Giuliano

    Baby yoda OG. This bud is super amazing. Really sticky beautiful colours and gives a wonderful stone. This weed will definitely have you feeling like your outer space hahaha. I would recommend this for any regular smoker . Beautiful taste and beautiful smell also.

    I highly recommend this to any type of smoker. Experienced or not. 10/10 ratting for me.

  2. Benjamin

    This one’s a creeper. About 10 minutes into my joint, I was hit hard by a uplifting, warm, relaxation. This strain is a go-to for nighttime use, and helped me achieve a nice, deep restful sleep.

    It had a nice skunky aroma, and sweet undertones while smoked. I would recommend this one to an experienced toker, and would purchase again if available.

    Nice work MMJ, 5 stars!

  3. Marc-Olivier

    If you want some sticky, sticky nugs this one is for you. The strains themselves are all delicious. I just took some and it doesn’t mix at all. It is a great choice if you want sedation and relaxation. Attention babyYoda Og little you have sweet dreams and knock you out, while keeping you calm.You will not feel questioned by the outside world your buzz will refocus on yourself for a deep relaxation …. An indica will give you sedation. You will feel the sedating effects of an indica. Your talent is amazing.You are amazing! ?

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Baby Yoda OG
Baby Yoda OG
$7.20/g $9.00/g

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