Alice In Wonderland SA (Bulk)

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Alice in Wonderland Strain Bulk Review

Bulk strains of Alice In Wonderland are a great strain. Cannabis Sativa bred from Willy’s Wonder strain in 1970.This strain has a hybrid of a ratio of 15% indica and 85% Sativa. Alice in Wonderland has bulkyield spade-shaped plants. They are an emerald-green colour with green spots and yellowish-brown pistils. The bulk of Alice in Wonderland has a strong aroma of wildblossoms mixed with a mixture of fresh soil. You will enjoy the taste of blueberries and earth with this strain. Alice in Wonderland’s approximate yield is THC level ranging from 15% to 23%. Its effects, however, are more powerful than the price and can cause extreme pleasure and deep relaxation. There have been some medical benefits to this strain. Bulk treatment of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and gastro problems like constipation or loss of appetite can be achieved by the Alice in Wonderland strain. It can flower in 7-8 weeks and produce approximately 500g/square meter.

Here are some key facts

 Genetics: It was bred from the Willy’s Wonder strain back in 1970 The High: Relaxing, uplifting with a bit of euphoric sense that prevents you from dozingoff by increasing your concentration and curiosity Hybrid Ratio: 15% indica 85% Sativa THC Levels: 15%-23% Growth Information: It is easily manageable and flowers between 7-8 weeks when grownindoors and flowers by December when grown outside, yielding approximately 500g permeter square.

Description of Alice in Wonderland, Weed Strain Bulk

Alice in Wonderland yields buds with an appealing scent of strong floral earth tastes like ablueberry mixed with earth. Medium-sized and of a spade form, the buds are greenish in color. These buds are light green with yellowish-brown spots. They are sprayed with a thin layer of white trichrome. The buds also have a sticky, sweet flavor. Alice inWonderland strain bulk gets you into a creative world while eliminating the stoner feeling associatedwith Sativa’s high quantity. The result is the high feeling immediately after taking a few puffs. It increases your curiosity, imagination, awareness and aspiration while relaxing.

Alice in Wonderland Strain Bulk Effects

Alice in Wonderland is a delightful book that will provide you with profound relaxation and sensational pleasure. You will be motivated by the first blast of creativity. feeling of anxiety that is usuallycommon with other potent Sativa strains. This strain is ideal for exploring. When you are out on leisure activities, such as walking, hiking or picnicking in the area, Alice in Wonderland can strain bulk.

Grow Information Bulk of Alice in Wonderland Strain Bulk

Alice in Wonderland can take around 7-8 weeks for flowers to bloom. The plants can produce 500g per plant if they are grown outdoors. You can grow them indoors and it will give you about 500g for every square meter.

There are medical uses of Bulk of Alice in Wonderland Strain Bulk

Alice in Wonderland, amongst other mental disorders, is well-known for its ability to manage depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms. This indication isbecause of its effects on the user’s mood. Due to its muscle relaxation and sedative effects, this strain is good for pain relief and patients suffering from chronicpain caused by terminal diseases such as cancer and kidney failure. Alice in Wonderland is an excellent option for anyone looking to increase their weight. relieves other disorders of the digestive tract, includingconstipation.

Side Effects

Alice in Wonderland has the same adverse effects as other strains. There is a tendency to dry your eyes and mouth. Take plenty of liquids to counter drying. This is especially true if you have taken an excessive amount of Cannabis. To avoid these side effects, make sure you only take a small amount of Alice in Wonderland. Enjoy the joy this strain has to offer.


Alice in Wonderland can be used to enhance outdoor activities. The strain provides a strong feeling of relaxation as well as increased concentration and curiosity. To avoid any negative effects, it is important to know your tolerance levels for THC. It may be difficult to determine your limits if you’re a novice. Start with smaller puffs, and then increase the amount of time you smoke. This will help to avoid side effects that could turn you off Cannabis. Remember that marijuana can be sold and possessed in certain areas and is not recommended for consumption by minors. Get Alice in Wonderland at a licensed and authorized source trusted dealer and enjoy only in legalized countries.

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Alice In Wonderland SA (Bulk)
Alice In Wonderland SA (Bulk)
$350.00/ 4oz

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