Aaa+ Aaaa Popcorn Buds

$70/ 1/2 oz Check Out Deal

all ounces are $140 black friday promotion herb approach craft and organic

Does Not Apply To 20-45% Mixed Flower Discount| No Choosing Specific Strains | Limited Availability | Does Not Apply To 20-45% Mixed Flower Discount

*It may contain all AAA+ and AAAA. Due to the order volume, it will be totally random

There is nothing better than popcorn on Friday nights! Popcorn Buds, AAA+-AAAA+ Enjoy 14g of the best high-quality marijuana. This mix contains a selection of different cannabis strains. You will receive a random assortment of 1 to 3 strains. Although we can’t give you any information about the strains, they are randomly chosen. We promise that you will not be disappointed.

Because we believe they are the most economical, we only stock AAA+-AAAA+ popcorn buds. The flowers in this collection are tiny, about the size of quarters or dime. These flowers are perfect for those who like smaller buds. Keep in mind that smaller buds are not always of lower quality.

Last Updated on October 30, 2021 by Bud GTA

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Aaa+ Aaaa Popcorn Buds
Aaa+ Aaaa Popcorn Buds
$70/ 1/2 oz


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