2.5mg THC Caps by Array

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2.5mg THC per cap

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2.5mg THC Caps by ArrayInformation

It has relaxing and pain-relieving benefits. 2.5mg THC CapsThese caps are well-known for their ability provide relief from muscle tension, nausea and acute pain. These caps allow for maximum bio-availability by slow infusions of cannabis into cocoa butter.
These caps are very effective for their potency, despite the fact that they have a low dosage. Both new and experienced patients are strongly recommended.
Suggested reading material: Medical Cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis
ArrayThe all-natural CBD in the capsules is tested in a Health Canada lab. THC  capsules are formulated with cocoa butter and come in a gelatin cap for easy ingestion.

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Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Bud GTA

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2.5mg THC Caps by Array
2.5mg THC Caps by Array
$17.60/bottle $22.00/bottle


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