Metal Grinder 4 Pieces

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We’ve all been there. You just got a few grams of your favorite strain, and now you’re ready to smoke it. Then, you take some of the thick, dense, sticky buds and realize they’re too big for your bowl. You’ll just have to break your nugs up. However, there’s a problem: you don’t have a 4-Piece Metal Grinder.(*4*)

“That’s ok,” you think to yourself, “I’ll just use my fingers.” You begin to mash the buds between your fingers, trying to break them into more manageable pieces.(*4*)

Big mistake. Instead of breaking your nugs up, all you’ve done is squish them into a compressed, dense mess. As if that wasn’t bad enough, your fingers are now coated in a sticky substance. These are the very trichomes you were going to smoke – the part of a marijuana plant that carries the most THC.(*4*)

Now you find yourself with some crushed cannabis flower, goopy fingertips, and a high that won’t be as strong. You look down and sigh, seeing the mess you’ve made. If only you’d had a 4-Piece Metal GrinderTo break up your buds.(*4*)

What are the benefits? 4-Piece MetalGrinders Offer


4-Piece MetalGrinders are the best weed gadgets. 4-Piece Grinders are made from stick-resistant metal, meaning that trichomes won’t stick to it like they would to your fingers. That way, THC ends up where it’s supposed to: in your bowl or joint.(*4*)

With just a few twists, the main chamber’s grinding arm actively breaks down weed into fine powder. This fine powder has much more surface area than a typical weed bud does, which means that it’ll burn more evenly.(*4*)

4-Piece MetalAnother great benefit of grinders is the kief catch. These small chambers are separated by a fine metal sieve. These sieves are too small to allow weed pieces to pass through. They allow only individual trichome crystals to pass through. These trichomes are also collected on the other end of the sieve and become kief. To enhance your smoking experience you can either add keif into a bowl or joint, or compress it to make your own hash. You can do this with your fingers.(*4*)

How to Use a 4-Piece Metal Grinder


It’s super simple to use these 4-Piece MetalGrinders First, make sure it’s assembled correctly. All four pieces should be screwed together with the kief catch under the main chamber. Next, open the chamber and insert some weed. Turn it. With a few flicks of the wrist, you’ll have your weed ground up and ready to go!(*4*)

To check your kief catch, remove the bottom of your 4-Piece Metal Grinder. Only do this if your grinder is facing upwards. If it’s upside-down, your kief will fall out and you’ll lose it all!(*4*)

Metal Grinder 4 Pieces
Metal Grinder 4 Pieces
$11.20 $14.00
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