Marijuana Transdermal Patches: The Future of Pain Management?

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Are you thinking of trying cannabis for inflammation or chronic pain; but still don’t like the idea of smoking or even vaping? Cannabis patches might be the answer you’re looking for.

Marijuana Transdermal Patches have been rising in popularity over the years. The reason is simple: unlike your average joint, that gives you an intense high lasting for an hour or two; these patches produce a steady effect, for an extended period of time. This makes these patches an ideal option for medical marijuana patients because the dose is predictable and accurate.

What are Marijuana Transdermal Patches?

A marijuana transdermal patch is an adhesive patch, that can be attached to any part of your cleansed skin. Cannabis patches are made to offer a constant and a steady flow of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and/or Cannabidiol (CBD), for an extended time period.

Although most of the patches are usually infused with THC, some may also contain CBD, or a combination thereof. THC is the psychoactive element in marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, can’t get you high; but instead, offers many newly discovered benefits including relief from inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety and muscle spasms.

Furthermore, these patches are usually placed on any veinous part of the body to facilitate better absorption of the THC and/or CBD into the bloodstream. Unlike cannabis lotions and creams, that only affect the surface of the skin; patches contain a meaningful and lasting dose that are able to penetrate the protective layers of the skin.

How Cannabis Transdermal Patches Work

Cannabis patches rely on the same principles as opioid or nicotine patches. They use a carrier substance that allows the cannabis compounds to move quickly from your skin, directly into your bloodstream. This makes these Marijuana patches one of the most effective ways of getting THC/CBD into your body, delivering the cannabinoids without any external and possibly harmful, influence.

Benefits of Cannabis Transdermal Patches

Although scientific research on CBD pain patches is only in its infancy stages, it appears that the benefits of marijuana patches are vast.

Standardized and Steady Dosages

According to research, users who inhale or ingest cannabis only get about 33% of the cannabinoid delivered into their system. With cannabis patches; however, more cannabinoids are able to penetrate the bloodstream, at a measured and standard dose.

Moreover, when you ingest or inhale cannabis, you experience all of the effects, all at once. Cannabis patches; on the other hand, deliver a more targeted dosage, steadily and over a long period of time. This steady release means that the effects of cannabis are not overwhelming, allowing medication and pain relief, without sedation.

Long Lasting

As already mentioned, the effects of inhaled cannabis last for about 1-3 hours. Alternatively, cannabis patches produce effects that can last for as long as eight hours. This makes the patches an ideal option for medical marijuana patients; as they don’t have to keep dosing up throughout the day.

Dosage Control

Just like any other drug, CBD and THC must be taken in the right dosages to obtain and maintain, symptom control. Unfortunately, many medical patients find it difficult to determine the proper dosage and schedule.

With the marijuana transdermal patches, the cannabinoids are all pre-measured and tested. You always know what dose you are getting; giving you, the user, the precise control of how much is in your bloodstream, on a constant and continual basis, leaving all guess-work behind.

In addition, if a patch is not working for you or you feel adverse effects; you can easily take it off, putting an end to any undesired effect of cannabis. In short, it is easier to peel away a patch than it is to un-smoke a bowl or un-eat an edible!

How Long Does A Patch Take to Work?

Although CBD patches do not work as quickly as inhalation; they are faster than oral ingestion. Depending on the type, it takes about 20 minutes before the effect of cannabis starts kicking in.

Normally, patches exist in different dosages; with the most popular choices being 10 and 20 milligrams respectively. People looking for higher dosages can use more than one patch at a time; while alternatively, those looking for lower dosages can halve the dosage by cutting a patch into two.

How to Use Cannabis Pain Patches

Thinking of trying cannabis patches? The following tips might come in handy:

Read the instructions and consult your doctor

Please note that various CBD patches brands will use slightly different delivery

methods. For this reason, it is crucial that you carefully read and follow the package

instructions, to ensure the best results. If you are having problems or

Adverse side effects or reactions, contact the manufacturer or your doctor, as they

will be able to guide you on how best to use the patches.



The next thing that you must consider is where you place the transdermal patches.

For best results, it is advisable that you place the patches on an area close to the

affected region. Ensure that the area does not have a muscle, fat tissue or a thick

layer of skin.

For instance, placing a patch near the hip joint would be less effective than placing the same patch, near the shoulder or knee joint. This is because the hip joint is covered by thick muscles, compared to the knee or shoulder joints. Thick layers of fat or muscles make it hard for the cannabinoids to get absorbed into the body.

If you are just looking for general relief from pain and other health conditions, then placing the patches on the wrist, lower abdomen and the shoulder blade would be an ideal option. These regions offer the easiest access to the bloodstream.

Are Transdermal Cannabis Patches Right for You?

While cannabis patches offer one of the most effective delivery options for cannabinoids, they are still not as fast-acting as inhaling through vaporization or combustion. For this reason, they may not be suitable for people seeking immediate relief from pain or for recreation. Moreover, these patches may not be as readily available in your area.

pura elements transdermal patches

The good news is cannabis transdermal patches are slowly emerging, here in Canada. HerbalDispatch offers Soma 20mg CBD patches and more recently; PuraElements have announced Canadian consumers will soon have an all-in-one patch delivering strong, steady and effective relief from nausea, pain, opiate addiction and recovery, inflammation, muscle spasms, chronic pain, appetite loss, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Are marijuana transdermal patches right for you? Only you know the answer to that question; however, it never hurts to have the option of strong pain relief and an alternative method to get the important substances to your bloodstream, while leaving the other, more harmful substances out.

These patches have the potential to treat such a wide variety of symptoms; as well as, be a helpful inclusion to the treatment plan of an array of different illnesses and diseases. The future of pain control starts now in Canada with the addition of cannabis transdermal patches. Ask your local budtender or doctor about cannabis transdermal patches today!

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