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Kootenay Craft continues to excel at quality and customer service

We are thrilled to announce that this will be our second review (first review) of Kootenay Craft’s fine cannabis flower line. As always, their customer service remained top notch and they exhibited an enthusiastic professionalism at every stage of the MOM process.

Their website continued to be easy to navigate; with detailed and accurate product descriptions. Furthermore. the packaging from Kootenay Craft ensured your precious flowers were stored safely and discreetly at all times, with both odour and light-proof containers that were admirably labelled; unlike many other MOM dispensaries.

New York Diesel 

The beautiful, large and well-cured flowers of New York Diesel from Kootenay Craft were impeccable specimens of a sativa dominant hybrid. These gorgeous nuggets were visibly coated with millions of glittering, frosty white, crystal trichomes. The flowers were a mixture of forest, hunter and olive greens; with subtle undertones of a rich royal violet near the base of the buds. There were bright, ochre-coloured pistils; frozen in place in a beautiful juxtaposition of colour throughout the nuggets. The fragrance was pungent, smelling strongly of its namesake; as well as, a subtle undertone of a fruity, almost citrusy aroma.  

When New York Diesel was consumed:

When combusted, New York Diesel produced heavy clouds of rich and bold smoke that left a pungent diesel and earthy aroma lingering pleasantly in the air. The flavour of the smoke was also incredibly bold; producing a smokey earthiness with a potent woodsy spice. Combusting induced a slight arid environment in my mouth, be sure to have water on hand!

New York Diesel

New York Diesel

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour’s flavour produced a deep forest, earthy taste; again, with a subtle wood undertone. However, the vapour’s flavour also contained a spicy pine layer not previously detected while combusting. The vapour was medium bodied, not too dense, not too thin and left a subtle and pleasant earthy aroma in the air that unfortunately dissipated far too quickly for my tastes.

The effectiveness of New York Diesel:

New York Diesel from Kootenay Craft delivered an energetic and cerebral mindfulness; as well as a euphoric, creative mindset that uplifted my mood and had me productive and happy for several, well-enjoyed hours. This sativa dominant hybrid was the perfect daytime companion; it delivered a calm and relaxed mood that helped combat stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, PTSD, nausea and appetite loss; all without the sedation or paranoia!

THC Snow 2.0 

As I opened the container to Kootenay Craft’s THC Snow 2.0, my sinuses were attacked by a subtly pungent and sweet smelling flower; with traces of a fresh, sunny, lemon fragrance. The large and medium, beautifully cured buds were a combination of laurel, sage and lime greens; with a sporadic dusting of tiny, fine, white crystal trichomes that occasionally caught the light and sparkled like miniature diamonds. There were goldenrod-coloured pistils, delicately paralyzed in place throughout the nuggets.

THC Snow 2.0

THC Snow 2.0

When THC 2.0 was consumed:

When combusted, THC Snow 2.0 produced a silky smooth smoke on both inhale and exhale. There were rich and dense clouds of smoke that had an earthy and spicy aroma. The flavour of the smoke began with a powerful smokey earthiness followed quickly by an amazing spicy flavour that carried on like a symphony in my mouth long after the hit was completed. DispensaryGTA highly recommends THC Snow 2.0 for smoking connoisseurs(that is, if you can get your hands on some!).

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour from THC Snow 2.0 produced dense and rich clouds; similar to smoke in opacity. There was an earthy and herbal aroma and flavour; as well as a spicy taste that was subdued, especially when compared to combustion. This rare strain was also incredibly easy to vape(although it was incredibly more memorable to smoke!!) and caused a creeping, seductively potent, couch lock and introspective silence.   

The effectiveness of THC Snow 2.0:

There is a cerebral focus with THC Snow 2.0 that is not common with indica dominant hybrids. This focus can be used to watch Netflix, listen to music, watch the stars(or clouds) or surf the web(etc.). However, be warned, there is also a moderate, full body sedation that accompanies this creeping and seductively easy strain to smoke.

There was also a feeling of calm and relaxation; as well as, an uplifted mood, a bit of euphoria and a mild increase in appetite. We recommend this strain primarily as a nighttime strain capable of treating insomnia, nausea, glaucoma, appetite loss, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and stress.  

Purple Space Cookies 

Next on the agenda was Kootenay Craft’s Purple Space Cookies. When I opened the light-proof and smell-proof containers; I was stunned at the beauty of the large and glittering, trichome saturated buds. Purple Space Cookies had a deep, violet colouration; intermingled with forest and hunter greens, with perfectly preserved and cured, rusty-red pistils that burst forth from the bud in a stark contrast of colour. There was a pungently sweet fragrance to the herb; along with a subtle clove undertone.

When Purple Space Cookies was consumed:

Purple Space Cookies

Purple Space Cookies

When combusted, Purple Space Cookies had a fast-acting, almost immediate wave of an aridness; coupled with a subtle earthy and woodsy flavour. The flavour then transformed and finished off with a powerful, sharp, spicy pine that will make this smoke seem harsh to novice smokers. The smoke was dense; producing a sweet, earthy and subtly fruity aroma that pleasantly lingered.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, Kootenay Craft’s Purple Space Cookies produced an arid and tannic-flavoured experience in my mouth; as well as, a delicious, sweet taste of earthy blueberries – reminiscent of a combination of a fine, dry, red wine with the taste of subtly sweet, blueberry pie.  The vapour was medium bodied, sometimes resembling smoke in opacity and produced continuous clouds of dense and aromatic vapour that dissipated far too quickly.

The effectiveness of Purple Space Cookies:

This indica dominant hybrid produced an immediate feeling of happiness and an uplifted mood. Furthermore, a calm, relaxed, focused, and creative energy kindled within me that lasted the remainder of the high, unlike most indica dominant hybrids. There was also a moderate amount of euphoria experienced with this strain. Purple Space Cookies would be ideal as both a day or nighttime strain, depending on your need. This powerful, hard-to-find strain from Kootenay Craft would be excellent in treating acute or chronic pain, opiate withdrawal and dependence, glaucoma, nausea, appetite loss, depression, anxiety, stress and/or alternatively, if you need to unwind after a long, hard day.

Gorilla Glue #4 

As I unsealed the container, the large, gorgeously sparkling, trichome covered beauties that were Gorilla Glue #4 sightlessly stared back at me. The impeccably well cured flowers from Kootenay Craft had a royal purple hue; coupled with a mixture of forest and sage greens and this strain had a number of amber-coloured pistils, standing frozen to attention. The buds had an almost, sickly, sweet smell, coupled with a spicy earthiness as an undertone.

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4

When Gorilla Glue #4 was consumed:

When combusted, Kootenay Craft’s Gorilla Glue #4 produced a silky smooth smoking experience that created rich, voluminous and dense clouds of flavourful smoke. The taste of the smoke began as a subtle earthy and arid combination; followed by a sinus-clearing, sharp, pungent and refreshing pine flavour that nearly knocked me off my chair! A lingering, slight piney earthiness could be detected as a pleasant, non offensive aroma; long after the hit was completed. 

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, this indica dominant hybrid produced dense and rich clouds of vapour; similar to smoke in opacity. The flavour of the vapour from Gorilla Glue #4 had a musky earthiness; as well as, an endearing, spicy-pine that gradually allowed you to build to the sharp, sinus popping, spicy-pine freshness experienced during combustion.

The effectiveness of Kootenay Craft’s Gorilla Glue #4:

Kootenay Craft’s Gorilla Glue #4 created an uplifted, relaxed, euphoric and introspective high. We did not experience the couch-lock we have experienced previously with other lesser dispensaries; however, you will not be the life of the party with Kootenay Craft’s potent, Gorilla Glue #4!

Kootenay Craft’s superb strain also produced a strong, full body buzz that eased pain without the extreme sedation experienced with other Gorilla Glue #4 strains. This powerful medicine is a favourite of those experienced with powerful indicas; or alternatively, those in need of a strong strain that treats appetite loss, nausea, glaucoma, insomnia, opiate dependence and withdrawal, stress, anxiety and depression. Novices users should use caution and only use Kootenay Craft’s Gorilla Glue #4 at night. Experienced users should enjoy Kootenay Craft’s delectable Gorilla Glue #4 multiple times, both day and at night!  

More about Kootenay Craft:

Kootenay Craft maintains our seal of approval and further gains the distinction of being one of our very favourite MOM dispensaries in general. Kootenay Craft specializes in top shelf, craft marijuana and rare, hard-to-find strains that are hand selected for effect and quality.

Kootenay Craft is an experience every smoker in Canada must treat themselves to; if only to give measure to every other Canadian MOM dispensary in terms of quality. This MOM dispensary should also be on every smoking and vaping connoisseurs’ favourites list.

Kootenay Craft’s easy to use website and superb customer service; in addition to, top shelf, well cured, craft marijuana that will blow your mind, make this MOM one of the best Canadian MOM dispensary around, period.

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Disagree? Tell me below in the comments and I’ll politely tell you why you’re wrong.

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