Hot Box Pre Rolls x3 – Purple Snow White

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The Purple Snow White Strain is a indica-dominant hybrid that is 60% indica and 40% sativa and has an earthy and sweet and sour aroma. This strain produces a euphoric effect with a distinct cerebral focus. Purple Snow White Strain is the one for those who are looking for a cerebral high. If you’re struggling with mental fatigue, this strain is perfect for you. It’s a balanced hybrid, with a Haze ancestry to make your head spin and a sativa heritage to give you a burst of creative energy.


  • 3x 0.5g Pre rolls. 1 1/4 Size

Purple Snow White in the pre rolled joints.  A 3 pack of pre rolled joints rolled with Purple Snow White strain.

Type of WeedIndica
Strain THC %24
Medical BenefitsChronic PainDepressionFatigueFibromyalgiaHyperactivityLoss of AppetiteNauseaStress
Strain Terpene ProfileLimoneneMyrceneTerpimolene

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Hot Box Pre Rolls x3 – Purple Snow White
Hot Box Pre Rolls x3 – Purple Snow White
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