High Weed Prices at Government Dispensaries in 2019

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Weed Prices in Canada: What’s the Deal?

Our team here at DispensaryGTA are always talking about the crazy weed deals available across Canada. We never get to touch on the real issue happening in this nation, though – the high weed prices, that just keep going up.

Today, we are going to dive into why cannabis prices are so high, why they are expected to keep rising and what you can do to get around the non-stop inflation; fortunately, there is always a solution!

Why are Weed Prices so High in Canada?

There is a multitude of reasons cannabis prices have become so high across Canada. The average cost of a legal gram of dried weed has skyrocketed since recreational use became legal back in October 2018. Government limited access and restricting supply plays a major role in the continually rising prices.

People like to go where they know they can get a good deal, though; one big reason the black market on weed is still so rampant across the nation. After all, no one feels good when they must pay close to $15 a gram; sometimes more, depending on the province you are located in. When the government hikes up prices on the available legal supply, consumers still want an option.

The difference between illegal and legal cannabis right now is that, while legal weed is better-regulated and considered safer, simultaneously helping growers and retailers take a cut of the profits before handing over tax revenue to the government; illegal weed is still a monumental 36% cheaper than the legal alternative.

Furthermore, another reason weed prices are so high in Canada is the limited supply the government created for recreational users. This includes stopping growers from growing or selling their product, when problems are found at their facilities. 

The Reality of the Canadian Cannabis Price Issue

Maybe the government did not realize how many people would start partaking once the plant was made legal. As of as early as April 2018, 14% of the Canadian population was already using cannabis, and 56% of that number stated that they were either weekly or daily cannabis users. When cannabis became recreationally legal in October 2018, 47% of a surveyed Canadian population stated they had tried cannabis in their lifetime.

Now, a still-growing population of cannabis users face prices for a plain, dry flower that are far too high; for herb, that’s sometimes viewed as mediocre (A-AA quality for unheard of, incredibly high-priced, dry marijuana buds). 

Unfortunately, it’s hit or miss now when you spin the wheel of chance for legal weed in many provinces and the population per stores is nowhere near up to par. Right now, legal weed is not accessible to every Canadian; however, by using DispensaryGTA.com, you will have access to the most reliable online dispensaries, backed by our customer service commitment, to find the best deals and reliable online dispensaries. In no time, mail-order weed will arrive directly to your door, vacuum-sealed and professionally packaged with stealth in mind.

Many legal cannabis consumers complain of not only the high prices; but also, the limited selection options and poor quality of the bud available. Beyond flower, some legal shops don’t even offer additional types of cannabis products; such as edibles, vape products, concentrates, and much more. The low-tier legal options make it difficult for some users to pass up the temptation to purchase pot that’s reportedly half the cost than a licensed dispensary’s cannabis costs!

Alternatives to the High Weed Prices in Canada

Cannabis is legal for recreational use for adults ages 18 or 19 and older, depending on the province. Likewise, medical cannabis is legal if you have a medical marijuana card. Besides visiting the local legal shops that never seem to have enough of the dank you are looking for, there are some alternatives online. 

Instead of shopping locally and being harshly limited by the cannabis products that are available and in front of you, you can breeze through a mail-order cannabis dispensary order and have your cannabis delivered straight to you.

Reasons to Choose Mail-Order Dispensaries

Give EGM a try!

The mail-order cannabis dispensaries and mail-order medical marijuana dispensaries available across Canada are, presently, the best options for getting the best-quality weed possible. 

Why waste your time in line at a local legal shop that may not even have the cannabis product you were looking for? You can, instead, select more products for a better price and have it all sent straight to your door; sometimes, even on the same day! Let’s look at the many reasons more Canadians should choose mail-order dispensaries

Vast Variety of Product

It’s a treat to see a local dispensary offer something than dry herb flower. It’s less of a surprising feat when you see a massive range of products available on an online dispensary’s web platform. Not only can online dispensaries keep their inventory stocked easier and more efficiently, but their delivery system makes it to where you can secure your cannabis products without actually having to leave the house.

Affordable Prices and Wicked Deals

Mail-order online cannabis dispensaries in Canada already offer affordable prices compared to purchasing a gram for a whopping $16 locally. As another plus, though, they offer coupon codes, promotions, and constant sales so that you can save even more on your overall order. This leaves you walking away with more product that’s of much better quality – and, you probably scored free shipping in the process!

How to Get the Best Weed Prices in Canada

If you want to avoid the sky-high prices in Canada at the moment on our favourite plant, the mail-order dispensaries from our top dispensaries review have already been tried and tested. We want the best weed deals for ourselves, friends, and families, which is why we extend the same deals to you that we use, too. To get the best weed prices in Canada, merely shop with a reputable mail-order online dispensary on our Top Dispensaries page.

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Each dispensary we recommend gets their products tested through a third-party lab, verifying they were safely cultivated and extracted. Still maintaining all safety regulations, a mail-order online marijuana dispensary is the best choice for avoiding the high-ticket prices for just a single gram of weed. Why pay $16 for each gram when you can get a bundle deal online to get far more flower delivered straight to your door – and again, probably with free shipping.

Check out the mail-order dispensaries from our top dispensaries review to see the tremendous variety in product, sheer quality on each platform, and get the best deals the nation has to offer. Keep a lookout for each of the dispensaries on our review to see their regular sales, promotions, and other sweet discounts to save you even more money along the way.

Have you tried an online dispensary before? How about from our Top Dispensaries page? Tell us about your experiences in the space provided below!

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  1. Thanks for doing this. If it wasn’t for your page I would be reduced to spending an extra 40 hours on my phone a week trying to find weed deals at each dispensary for the weekend. That’s the only way I can afford to buy medicine. I get most my deals off your page because I can’t afford to buy it from my LP. I’m on a limited income on AISH of $1,700 a month it cost me $1,550 in bills. Then I can splurge on food & meds. Usually it’s a new despensary so I can get the newbe discount. Lol Theres a few places I would really like to order from over and over again but with but without a coupon I’ve got to wait until they have a new deal I can afford. My LP’s are way expensive. If I use it as a medication and not recreational shouldn’t that be covered as part of my prescriptions ? You would think right? But nope. so I trudge on looking for deals. Thanks again for doing this awesome site that everybody would enjoy.

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