BC Kush

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Description BC KushThis is an indica strain that is 100% pure, created by breeders at the famous BCBud Depot farm cross the insanely ...

MK Ultra

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Description MK UltraStrain is an Indica dominant strain of cannabis. It is named after Project MK Ultra – the CIA conducted mind ...

GMO Cookies

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Description GMO Cookies is an extremely Indica-dominant hybrid pressure of hashish. This pressure was first created by Divine Genetics, ...

Platinum Kush

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Description This indica's sedating effects are perfect for relaxing at night without worrying. Platinum KushNamed after its frosty ...

Purple Berry AAA

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PurpleThe berry strain is derived PurpleAfghani and Hindu Kush have a staggering 22% level of THC. You should also remember that it is not for beginners. It ...

Love Potion OG AAA

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Love Potion OG will make you feel a euphoric lift at the onset of the high that’s soon accompanied by a light tingle. The buzzing effect will soon spread ...

There are two types. GirlCookies for Girl Scouts One is the platinum girl-scout cookies, and the other is thin. Girl ScoutCookies. Although there are ...

Animal Crackers AAA

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The Animal CrackersHigh is just as addictive and addictive as the flavor. The long-lasting effects hit both mind as well as body. The cerebral effects are ...

Critical Mass AAA

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Critical MassIt has a mild 19-22% THC content and is used to treat chronic pain due to illnesses such as multiple sclerosis and cancer, as well anxiety and ...

Raspberry Kush AAA

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Raspberry KushIt is one of the most popular Indica dominant hybrids. It was named after its berry flavoured and aromatic aroma. The addition of KushThe ...

Hash Plant AAA

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Hash PlantThe indica dominant strain is a hybrid indica-sativa with a ratio of 80/20. It was born in Holland in the 1980s and traveled to the United States. ...

Do Si Dos AAA

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A hybrid with dominant 70% Indica strain and characteristics similar to its parent strain, OGKB, with GSC-phenotype. Parents of Girl Scout Cookies, ...

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