Green Society Re-Usable Masks

Green Society
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We all know that the cold and flu season is upon us. But, are you ready? Do you have your hand sanitizer, tissues, cough drops, and face masks? Our Green Society Mask is the perfect way to protect you this winter. With three different levels of protection and a pocket to insert a medical grade N95 mask for extra protection against nasty viruses. The contoured design hugs your nose bridge for a perfect fit.

Why use a mask with just one layer? Opt for our 3-tiered mask instead. Our re-usable, 100% cotton masks are designed with 3 layers that not only filters out dangerous substances but also traps moisture in the lower layers for breathability. So say goodbye to disposable masks and say hello to reusable Green Society Re-Usable Masks! Not only will you protect yourself but you’ll also be helping the planet by reducing your carbon footprint with our signature masks.

Green Society Re-Usable Masks
Green Society Re-Usable Masks
$9.50/ea $12.50/ea
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