Gods Breath

$150/oz – $2,400/lb Buy It Now

God’s Breath is made from pure and potent Skunk Haze and has a dominating, crazy strong smell like nothing you’ve experienced before. It’s characterized by a strong skunky/haze smell mixed with an earthy, floral side and it’s filled with coniferous woody notes. If you want to be a true connoisseur of cannabis flavours, God’s Breath is the natural choice for you. Made from the strongest, most delicious and most aromatic strain in the world, God Breath is earthy and intoxicating in its own right.

Rest easy. God’s Breath can be your new best friend! This strain has a powerful and euphoric stone that helps with mental clarity. It also provides a strong, body-wide stone for physical well being. You’ll start off fast and strong with her brain altering buzz that’s almost psychedelic. Totally euphoric, super happy, extremely energetic, mind melting buzz but takes quite a while to go away.

Gods Breath
Gods Breath
$150/oz – $2,400/lb
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