Gas Daddy

$145.00/oz – $2,250.00/lb Buy It Now

Smell: Phenomenally sweet, intensely pungent gas aroma with a wee whiff of vanilla.

Dry toke: Absolutely ridiculous gas flavour that’s also very syrupy and there’s also some vanilla in there.

Taste while smoking: Awesomely pungent gas/fuel flavour and she’s just got a touch of a vanilla and spice on the inhale. Very sweet vanilla and chocolate gassy flavor on the exhale that sticks to and chills out for a while on the tongue and roof of your mouth.

Smoothness: Wonderfully smooth and heavenly light on the inhale. The exhale is almost as light and easy as it gets.

Ash colour: Mostly white with some very light grey.

High: A bit of a creeper with this sweetheart but she hits you hard with a hyperactive/creative/euphoric/narcotic-like/mind twisting, super fun buzz that most will love and everyone should like. Extremely strong head high that stays put for a while. Cream of the crop body stone that numbs you perfectly. Really bad munchies for candy could be expected. Connoisseur‘s should just get a doughnut because this green empress might be “gone like the wind” by the time you get a taste.

Gas Daddy
Gas Daddy
$145.00/oz – $2,250.00/lb
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