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MQ60 and Vis on PC,...

MQ60 and Vis on PC, heads doesn't listen  


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27/07/2018 6:33 am  


I've tried to find an answer to my newbie question but I couldn't and I'm sorry if there was a topic about it already.Using MQ60 synced to visualiser on pc/laptop (tried 3 different machines windows 10 with latest stable version of chamsys software installed).When I patch a head/heads they appear in the visualiser on the monitor with 100% intensity but from there they don't listen the desk. I locate them (as desk states), can record a cue and play it but nothing happens in the visualiser. If I save the show and load it I can then locate them, get the intensity to 100, but it doesn't change in the visualiser. Funny enough I can change the position (pan,til) and they do move in the visualiser but without beam showing. I can add FXs and they are playing as well, however no light it the vis.

Please help.

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