Death Bubba Shake (AAA) $1.79/gram

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28 g = $50

1/4 lb = $200

0.5 lb = $300

Know that feeling when you crave something cozy, warm, and relaxing? The evening is coming on and you need something to help balance your mood. Death Bubba is the perfect Indica to relieve your tension at the end of a long day! If you’re looking to take advantage of its sedative properties, this strain will do the trick! And because of its sedative properties Death Bubba is best smoked at night.

Death Bubba Shake is a designed for making high-quality marijuana products at home. You can make a shake pre-roll joint, or you can use shake to make your own blunt! It’s also great for making edibles, budder, oil, and tinctures.

Death Bubba Shake (AAA) $1.79/gram
Death Bubba Shake (AAA) $1.79/gram
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