Daily THC – 1200mg

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Is depression holding you down? Want to feel better? Daily THC 1200mg is an all-natural, cannabis-based product that provides optimal benefits for a wide range of symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. Supplementing your diet with this THC-rich oil should also provide your body with sufficient energy, which is partly due to the potency of the whole plant.

Daily THC 1200mg is an all-natural product that has been developed specifically to provide a safe, daily dose of THC without any unhealthy side effects. Make sure you are consistently consuming this product daily to achieve the desired benefits for your mental and physical health. You’ll also be glad to hear that this product is solvent-free and contains only cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, phyto-cannabinoids, and other plant compounds that have known benefits on the human body.

Daily THC is a cannabis-infused oil that contains 1200mg of THC per 30ml bottle. It is rich in THC and the best consumption method is sublingual, because that’s the most efficient way for your body to metabolize the oil. Daily THC will help you get through your day by providing you with an instant boost of energy and an uplifting feeling. The medical benefits may include pain relief, relaxation, anti-depressive and anti-anxiety effects, as well as pro-sleep benefits. You may find it aids in providing sleep, especially if you consume it in the evening.

Daily THC – 1200mg
Daily THC – 1200mg
$76.50 $90.00
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