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We’ve poured countless hours researching different types of ingestion methods for your herbal consumption pleasure. We will be briefly describing most common methods to consume your flowers or concentrate for both combustion and vaporization and edibles.  Moreover, We have gathered our absolute favourite pot paraphilia for 2018. Specifically, The best part is that shipping is free worldwide with a qualifying minimum purchase of $50. Come see why Grasscity is the world’s best online headshop.

Dab Rigs are water pipes; however, they act a little differently than a bong. These rigs are used to vapourize concentrate extracts. The user heats a glass, ceramic, titanium, or quartz nail with a butane torch (or uses an e-nail), they place the concentrate on the nail and simultaneously inhale the vapour formed by the extract. The water in the pipe filters and cools the vapour, ensuring your lungs will not receive the brunt end of your habits.  

Dab Rigs have grown in popularity over the last few years because vaporizing your marijuana in concentrated form is faster, more reliable, healthier and efficient. If the torch scares you, there are many e-nails available, which use an electric coil method instead to vaporize the marijuana concentrate.   

Grace Glass Recycler Vapor Bubbler with Fixed Diffuser


Powerful recycler oil rig by Grace Glass!

  • Quality borosilicate glass
  • Flared blue mouthpiece
  • Female 14.5mm flower bowl with blue handles
  • Female 14.5mm Vapor dome with nail included
  • Male 14.5mm joint with fixed diffuser
  • Recycler functionality
  • Blue Grace Glass logo

Glasscity Glass Dab Rig with Drum Perc – Amber


Stylish dab rig for an affordable price

  • Quality borosilicate glass
  • Straight design
  • Reinforced fixed downstem
  • Drum percolator
  • Male 14.5mm joint
  • 14.5mm female glass banger
  • Bent mouthpiece
  • Amber accents on mouthpiece and foot

Glasscity Glass Beaker Base Dab Rig with Showerhead Diffuser – Blue


Quality borosilicate glass

    • Beaker base
    • Fixed downstem
    • Showerhead diffuser
    • Female 14.5mm joint
    • 14.5mm male glass banger
    • Bent mouthpiece
    • Blue accents throughout

Glasscity Recycler Vapor Bubbler with Showerhead & Honeycomb Disc Perc

showerhead honeycomb disc perc


Multi-tubed scientific recycler bubbler by Glasscity

  • High-quality clear borosilicate glass
  • Multi-tubed recycler system
  • Showerhead percolator
  • Honeycomb disc percolator
  • Reinforced fixed downstem
  • 14.5mm male ground joint
  • 14.5mm female glass banger
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • Stable circular foot
  • Black Glasscity decal
  • Black glass accents

Blaze Glass – Concentrate Oil Recycler Bubbler with Percolator Dome – Green


Amazing oil rig by Blaze Glass!

  • Borosilicate glass
  • Built-in recycler
  • Built-in diffuser downstem
  • Straight mouthpiece
  • Female 14mm glass vapour dome
  • Glass nail included

The glass nail must only be heated on the top, otherwise, the grinding can break in case the glass expands from the heat!

Glasscity Glass Dab Rig with Double Showerhead Perc – Green


An affordable bong complete set by Black Leaf!

  • High quality borosilicate glass
  • 6-arm slitted tree perc
  • Clear glass funnel bowl with rollstoppers
  • Clear glass Oil adapter
  • 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser downstem
  • Ideal downstem length: 10cm / 3.9 inches
  • Black Leaf logo
  • Ice notches
  • Carb hole with carb stopper
  • Comes as complete set in box

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