Concentrates: Shatter, Wax and Resin – Benefits and Drawbacks 2021

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Concentrates may be perceived as relatively new, but they have their origins dating back to the days of the MK Ultra experiments.

Originally, the CIA had used a form of a hash concentrate, as an interrogation method for captured enemy soldiers. Today, concentrates play a major role in the recreational; as well as, the medicinal cannabis scene.

As the THC levels in marijuana are just a fraction of what concentrates contain; new users should exercise caution. With pot on average boasting an 8-22% average THC level, you can expect to find levels from 20-80% THC, in concentrates. This makes for a much more powerful hit; as well as, a longer-lasting high than smoking pot would give you.

With concentrates, you can expect to find a completely different world of flavour profiles, then with the cannabis plant alone. Even though these concentrates are directly created from the plant, the extraction process gives each variety of extract its own unique and delicious flavour. On the other hand, cannabis concentrates have a higher price-per-gram (with a significantly higher amount THC percentage) than cannabis does; however, they last much longer, with more potent effects.


Dried vs Freezing For Making Cannabis Concentrates

Furthermore, concentrates come in several different varieties; depending on how they are refined and processed. These marijuana extracts can be consumed using a method known as, “dabbing”, where a glass or metal bong attachment, is heated (usually with a butane torch, or e-nail) to a temperature that allows it to vapourize the concentrate on contact.

This results in a rather large toke, usually followed by an intense high. Some companies have made their name in creating specialty bongs, designed for concentrates themselves (dab rigs). These are similar to bongs, but usually, have an inverted down-stem and finally, the nail (whether it be glass, quartz, titanium or the e-nail). Dab Rigs have become highly collectable, with intricate, highly breakable, glass art pieces going for thousands of dollars.

Another form of consumption would be vaping the concentrate. One of the most popular budget friendly vape pens are made by yocan.

Additionally, there are four main types of concentrates on the market today, Shatter, Wax, live resin and rosin; however, there are others that are less popular. If you are going to try concentrates, it is important to know the benefits and drawbacks of each.


Shatter is usually a beautiful and translucent, golden colouration; although, some strains do have a lighter or darker tint. It’s hard when cold and can be broken into similar, razor thin pieces that resemble broken glass, hence the name “shatter”.

example of shatter

Although brittle when cold, when heat is added, shatter becomes more malleable. Just the warmth of you holding it; can assist in making it easier to manipulate. Shatter vaporizes quickly and puts off large clouds of dense and rich vapour; which is, followed by a long-lasting, powerful high. Shatter provides some of the most pronounced flavours of all the concentrates and the price is usually lower than that of its counterparts (usually $30-40/g). There may be some concern when it comes to the process of creating shatter; if the butane used in extraction is not all properly purged, there could be associated health risks by inhaling affected shatter.

Pros: Potent, lots of flavours, inexpensive

Cons: Hard to handle, potential health risks if not purged properly


cannabis wax example

Wax is another form of cannabis extract, that is formed by butane extraction and has many similarities to shatter. The main difference, that is noticed right away, is the texture; wax is softer and less hand-held, user-friendly. Wax is usually handled with a dab tool; otherwise, it will likely just stick to your fingers and get wasted.  

Moreover, it has a similar in potency to shatter, though its taste is quite different. Some do say that they feel a bit more of a high, from wax to shatter; however, the THC content is about the same.

Wax degrades fairly quickly, so it is not a great idea to use if you intend on keeping a stockpile. Furthermore, just like shatter, if it is not purged properly, harmful solvents can be left behind. This is not something you would have to be overly concerned with if you are purchasing from an LP; as they are required to test their products before distribution.

Pros: Potent, lots of flavour, not too expensive

Cons: Degrades quickly, difficult to handle

Live Resin

live resin cannabis exampleA fairly new player in the concentrate scene, this particular type of concentrate is rarely made at home and requires trained technicians; as well as, equipment and a lab to process and produce.

Whole, cryogenically frozen plants are used in this process, which takes a fair bit longer than the other concentrates; due to, having to freeze the plant. Live resin is also rich in terpenes, which give it massive amounts of flavour and the process in which it’s created, ensures a potent, butane-free finished product. All of the work and processing that goes into live resin makes it among the more expensive concentrates available.

Pros: Potent, lots of flavours, no risk of butane toxicity

Cons: Long processing time, expensive, extreme processing requirements


rosin cannabis example

Rosin is made by applying heat and pressure, to dried bud and can be produced on either, a large or small scale. This can be done at home with a heated press; or in some cases, even a flat iron can be used (though much less efficient).

You must press your dried bud; while applying heat to it, causing the bud to release oil, which you can then collect and smoke. It is solventless, so you can be sure that you are not getting any adverse health risks, from the butane used in some other methods.

Moreover, it is very potent; although potency does depend, on the strain you press. However, the yield from heated presses pales; in comparison to, that of butane extraction processes. This is reflected in the high price point of rosin.

Pros: Easy to make, solventless, lots of flavours

Cons: Low yield, expensive


marijuana concentrates cannabis example


We will constantly be finding new ways to consume our marijuana; whether it be, for recreational use or for medicinal purposes. Concentrates give new options in the way we medicate ourselves, providing full doses of required medicine in a fraction of the size.

Furthermore, the variety of types of extraction and consumption are a few of the things, that makes cannabis such a miracle plant. These are just a few of the currently available forms of concentrated cannabis; there are also concentrated forms of CBD and other extracts available, that are having massive impacts on our health care system and saving lives daily.

Consider some of these factors when experimenting with concentrate and always try to start with smaller dosages. Remember, low and slow is always best! The potency of most concentrates made smoking or vaping cannabis flower products seem like, child’s play; however, if you are an experienced smoker, looking for a more powerful, longer-lasting high;, than concentrates are an excellent way to explore your inner self, have more potent, meaningful and psychedelic high.

Best Deals on Concentrates

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concentrates shatter wax

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