Cheeba’s – Second Review – We Sample Four Different Strains of Shatter

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Excellent Product & Customer Service – An Impeccable Reputation

This is our second review of Cheeba’s mail order dispensary located in British Columbia. This MOM dispensary strives to maintain excellent product, incredible customer service and an impeccable reputation; ensuring their patients and clients receive the best experience possible. Cheeba’s staff test every single product to ensure the products meet their rigorous standards.

The package came in a discreet envelope that was vacuum sealed inside to ensure no odour was present. Furthermore, Cheeba’s package arrived very promptly via Xpresspost in 3 days. All products were weighed and accurate.


Green Gold Tangerine Dream Shatter 

Green Gold Tangerine Dream Shatter

Green Gold Tangerine Dream Shatter

As I opened the container to the beautiful, shattered glass-like material, the sweet and tropical scent of Tangerine Dream invaded my senses. The translucent and fragile concentrate from Cheeba’s had an amber colouration and was perfectly contained within the reusable, snap-plastic container.

When vaped with the KandyPen, Tangerine Dream had a silky smooth pull and a robust earthy flavouring; which also included a subtle and pleasant citrus/tropical combination. The tropical flavour was reminiscent of the type of drinks you receive while vacationing in an all-inclusive resort. There was little aroma to the vapour, ensuring maximum discreteness.

Cheeba’s Tangerine Dream delivered a beautiful sativa dominant high; which included, a relaxed, happy and euphoric state of mind. In addition, this strain delivered a jolt of energy and motivation; a tough feat to pull off for any cannabis strain. This daytime strain would be ideal in the treatment of conditions, such as: Multiple Sclerosis, depression, stress, chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, nausea, appetite loss, Glaucoma and/or fatigue.

Green Gold White Rhino Shatter 

As I opened the snap-plastic canister, the delicate, fragile and translucent White Rhino Shatter from Cheeba’s seductively beckoned to me. There was a distinctly sweet, earthy and nutty aroma to the shatter; in addition to, a beautiful, translucent ochre coloration.

Green Gold White Rhino Shatter

Green Gold White Rhino Shatter

When vaped with the KandyPen, the vapour produced was medium-bodied, light and the vapour dissipated quickly. However, there was a lingering earthy and nutty aroma that was a pleasant reminder of the dab I just consumed. The flavour of the vapour contained an arid earthiness; as well as, an undercurrent of slight bitterness; reminiscent of a subtle walnut flavour. Have a healthy beverage on hand; just in case the arid bitterness in your mouth makes you feel like an inhospitable desert has been transported into your mouth!

Cheeba’s White Rhino Shatter quickly produced intense feelings of relaxation and calm. This indica dominant hybrid should be primarily used as a nighttime medication, as it can create heavy feelings of sedation and euphoria. This shatter can also be used to treat acute and chronic pain, stress, Fibromyalgia, insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma and Parkinson’s Disease(just to name a few). The high also produced uplifted and happy feelings, as consumption increased.

Coast Concentrates Purple Haze Shatter 

Purple Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid. Cheeba’s Purple Haze Shatter was a translucent amber colouration; in addition to, a subtle earthy and woody aroma. The shatter had a delicate and sticky texture, making it easy to break off and place the dabs.

Coast Concentrates Purple Haze Shatter

Coast Concentrates Purple Haze Shatter

When vaped with the KandyPen, Cheeba’s Purple Haze Shatter from Coast Concentrate produced thick and dense clouds of medium-bodied vapour. The vapour carried a subtle fragrance of spicy, musky berriness that was as pleasant as it was subtle. The flavour of the vapour; in contrast, contained a deep forest, rich earthiness and a tannic flavouring, giving Purple Haze a distinctive flavour profile. There was also a lingering tannic aftertaste; as well as, an arid sensation, be sure to have plenty of water with this strain!

Coast Concentrates Purple Haze Shatter from Cheeba’s delivered an energetic and powerful euphoria that swiftly created intense feelings of happiness. This amazing concentrate also produced a cerebral mindfulness and provocative creativity that fueled my day. This strain would be ideal for treating conditions such as: fatigue, nausea, Glaucoma, headaches, stress, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders(under physicians care). DispensaryGTA highly recommends Purple Haze Shatter as an excellent daytime medication, allowing the user to glide through their day on cloud nine.    

Coast Concentrates Black Diamond Shatter 

The Black Diamond strain is a powerful, indica dominant hybrid. Coast Concentrates from Cheeba’s delivered a honey-golden, translucent shatter, that had snap and pull-like texture. There was a faintly sweet and earthy aroma; as well as, an even more distant undercurrent of spicy woodiness.

Coast Concentrates Black Diamond Shatter

Coast Concentrates Black Diamond Shatter

When vaped with the KandyPen, Black Diamond Shatter from Cheeba’s produced thick, rich and dense clouds of aromatic, spicy woodiness; as well as, a potent tannic flavouring, especially evident as a prominent aftertaste that straggled on, far after the dab was completed. There was also a woody oakiness as a subtle undercurrent of the flavour profile; reminiscent of a robust and full-bodied red wine.

Cheeba’s Black Diamond Shatter produced a happy euphoria that melted sore and tired muscles; which, in turn, allowed a deep, full body relaxation. This powerful, indica dominant hybrid also allowed an introspective reflection; perfect for vegging out in front of your favourite show or movie after a long, hard day. We recommend Black Diamond primarily as a Nighttime strain; unless the user needed greater pain control during the day. Cheeba’s Black Diamond Shatter would be ideal to treat conditions such as: Multiple Sclerosis, depression, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, appetite loss, insomnia and migraines.

More about Cheeba’s

Cheeba’s is a Canadian MOM dispensary that excelled at delivering quality product, quickly, discreetly and professionally, right to your front door. There are no lines, pushy or ill-informed budtenders to rush you through your purchase. Each potent strain of shatter produced a unique high that aided us both day and night.

One minor critique would have to be the parchment paper Coast Concentrates utilized was not very conducive to pulling the shatter off of it without taking some of the paper with it. This was a minor criticism, as I easily remedied the situation, using a dab tool to scrape off the beautiful, sticky and translucent concentrate.    

In Addition, Cheeba’s continued to be excellent at prioritizing customer service and customer needs, to ensure every single customer is fully satisfied, every time. Cheeba’s superb selection continued to be reasonably priced and extremely competitive. DispensaryGTA continues to endorse Cheeba’s for their high quality, varied and affordable cannabis products. 

cheebas-logo-smallCheck Cheeba’s out today and tell us what you think below in the comments!

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