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Review of Cheaper Greens – The Cheaper Online Dispensary!

Join us as we learn all about Cheaper Greens, Canada’s new destination for cheaper weed. Cheaper Greens has everything Canadians need

It is not every day that you will meet an online marijuana shop with affordability built within its DNA – Meet Cheaper Greens, an amazing mail-order marijuana in Canada.

We couldn’t help ourselves but review this weed website as we’ve heard great things about their well-priced products and dedication to customer service.

What is Cheaper Greens?

Cheaper Greens is an online mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensary that is based in British Columbia (BC). They are an experienced team of experts that are dedicated to providing the best cannabis products in Canada at the best prices.

Cheaper Greens has an extensive product listing that we know you will love.

Check out the Cheaper Greens product categories that we explored;

  • Flowers
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Shrooms
  • Accessories

Products Sourced From Vetted Farmers in BC

There is one fact that irked our interest in this brand trifold. All their products are sourced from vetted farmers in BC so you know you can trust their products.

Cheaper Greens claims to stand by affordability, accessibility, and confidentiality for their customer’s cannabis needs on their website.

Review of Cheaper Greens Website

Their website was easy-to-use, and there were no unnecessary banners or spammy links. We found our way around quite easily.

cheaper greens review
Check out their website so you don’t miss out on their cannabis deals!

Navigation throughout their platform was effortless, especially with a sticky menu at the top.

We selected the products we wanted, easily adding them to our shopping basket. After clicking on the checkout icon, we were directed to create a free account which took us no more than three minutes.

The account dashboard had valuable features like a waitlist, past orders, and even different addresses just in case you don’t want to input a new address whenever you are visiting a friend away from home. And YES! Cheaper Greens has a points program that you can see how much you’ve earned from your dash.

We went back to the checkout page, and we indeed confirmed their claim to offer unbeatable prices for their weed.

With all the offers and promotions, you may end up getting a quality sesh for real cheap. 

The Ordering Process Was Simple & Easy

We paid for our order through the E-Transfer and waited for confirmation which happened the following day. At any time we could check our order status online, and just like the timeline dictated, our order arrived in just two days from the time of confirmation.

Cheaper Greens offers shipping with Canada Post’s XpressPost to ensure that all their orders are delivered on time and offers free shipping with no minimum order size.

After our package arrived, we check it out and our products had come exactly we like like in vacuum-sealed bags. The box that came in was discrete with no labels of the perfectly packaged contents.

Review of Cheaper Greenss Cannabis Products

With the description of their website out of the way, join us as we dive into their products:

Review of Ice Wreck

Cheaper Greens Review Ice wreck
Ice Wreck from Cheaper Greens

Our Cheaper Greens review starts with Ice Wreck. We found this to be an Indica dominant hybrid flower that was one of the best we have tried in a long time. Indeed, its rating wasn’t just a marketing gimmick. It was clearly made from quality genetics with a high THC count and the perfect blend of terpenes. We used it for a few sessions at home and with friends, and each session became a pleasurable experience.

Just enough relaxation to keep us awake and attentive while not putting a heavy blanket on our eyelids. We experienced a great high that offered a satisfying cerebral stimulation.

In terms of smell, it was fruity with a hint of sour lemon. Very fresh and flavorful, that made vaping a delicious experience. It was great at calming anxious thoughts and restless minds.

Review of Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland was another AAAA strain. It’s a sativa dominant hybrid flower with a strong THC content. It was perfect for creative and social activities. We used it for an afternoon of podcast listening and rooftop lounging, and we were high on life. Thanks to Alice in Wonderland from Cheaper Greens, we had a great day, and we would recommend it to anyone who likes the positive effects of sativa hybrids.

Review of alice in wonderland
Alice in Wonderland – Cheaper Greens

What about Alice in Wonderland edibles? Yes, we did make some from this flower. We suggest that if you are eating this strain, be careful with how much you eat at once because it can be overwhelming once the high kicks in, we found it packed quite a punch!

Review of Pink Rockstar

These buds produced a sharp and gassy flavor which was sure to make our mouths water. We appreciated the potency and it had a skunky, pungent scent to match. We quickly became friends with this Pink Rockstar. And that flavour? It tasted like rock candy with an underlying taste of sweetness. 

pink rockstar strain 2 edited 1 e1643157699639

Pink Rockstar – Cheaper Greens

The high offered by this strain from Cheaper Greens was quick and intense, and we could feel a noticeable euphoria between our temples and forehead after about five minutes. It was the type of buzz that made us want to go wild. Smoking a lot of this strain and you will be taking quite a trip due to its heavy effects.

Expect to have some munchies with this one, so have a snack standing by!

Review of Rollex OG Kush

 Rollex OG Kush revieiw Cheaper Greens
Rollex OG Kush – Cheaper Greens

Opulence all the way. Right from the first kick to the last buzz, this strain had us skunked. This is a favourite among many experienced cannabis users, and for good reasons, as we found out.

Rollex OG Kush offered hints of earthy sage with gassy overtones as we smoked it. The smoke was smooth on our lungs.

The frosty buds looked like the rocky mountains under the sunrise. Yes, it was some great stuff.

Just like the others flower we tried, it was fresh and potent, and we loved the fact that it had the perfect amount of moisture in it. Making it a pleasure to handle.

Review of Tropic Thunder Diamonds Shatter

The shatter we received from Cheaper Greens was strong and flavorful.

Shatter review cheaper greens
Tropic Thunder Diamonds Shatter

We love the fact that their shatter exuded quality, and the fact that it came in at a great price.

Plus, they didn’t taste like chemicals which showed how natural it was. The Tropic Thunder Diamonds Shatter tasted like a puff of peach with a hint of sour apricot and freshness in every hit. It was smooth on our lungs and didn’t taste harsh to smoke even in our busy city.

Once we took a hit, we wanted more and more. Their shatter is one of those products you want to buy again and again because they clearly know where to get the fire!

Review of White Chocolate Double Dosed Peanut Butter Cup – 200mg

The edible we sampled during our review of Cheaper Greens was delightful – sweet, but not too sweet. The cocoa flavour was light and fluffy like the clouds or better as white chocolate peanuts dipped in buttery caramel. It had a buttery taste with an aftertaste that reminded us of rice crispy bars filled with chocolate chips.

White Chocolate Double Dosed Peanut Butter Cub Review chaeper greens
The White Chocolate Double Dosed Peanut Butter Cup – 200mg

The high was heady and spacey, making it ideal for nighttime use. It may have come as a surprise to those of us that enjoyed this strain, but we found it to be very uplifting and energetic.

We experienced euphoria but also felt an energy boost after about 20 minutes from the THC and the sugar in this delicious creation.

10Expert Score
Cheaper Greens – Review Summary

Cheaper Greens is a newer MOM dispensary that is proving that they are here to stay. They are a dispensary that is growing quickly and is dedicated to making a name for itself in the MOM community

Their growing acclaim comes from the fact that the owners of Cheaper Greens have taken care to ensure customers are getting high-quality cannabis, edibles and concentrates at the lowest prices possible.

They have kept their menu simple, so you always know your selecting a great product, regardless of what you choose. Cheaper Greens has demonstrated their products are top-notch and we hope you will take the time to try their products as well.

The prices were incredibly affordable compared to other MOM dispensaries in British Columbia, which makes them very attractive for Canadians hoping to save some cash.

We recommend highly reccomend checking out Cheaper Greens.

Got any questions? They’ve got caring customer reps over email that love answering questions about their products. Don’t be shy about reaching out!

cheapergreens review logo

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Enjoy our Cheaper Greens review? Do you want to smoke affordable weed without comprising on quality? Then check out Cheaper Greens today!

Thanks for reading! We hope our review helped you learn everything you need to know about this great online dispensary that specializes in saving you money.

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