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The best deals and coupon codes on cannabis-infused drinks in Canada are listed below. Weed-infused drinks are a great way to consume cannabis and are a growing sector of the edibles market.

Why not give them a try with our quality selections below!

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Lemon Sencha Temple Tea (Mota)

$14/pack $18/pack
15% Coupon Code

Mota Lemon Sencha Temple Tea, Canada's leading cannabis-infused tea brand, introduces Lemon Sencha Temple Tea. This soothing, full-bodied tea helps to relieve ...

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MOTA Caramel Chai Pu Erh Tea

20% Coupon Code

A fragrant mix of caramel, black tea and creamy chai, this sweet and savory tea is a welcome way to end a chilly day. MOTA’s Caramel Chai Pu Erh is a fragrant ...


Cannalean 1000mg Infused THC Syrup $49.00 Choose from these flavors: PeachStrawberryGreen AppleMangoPineapple The Cannalean THC Infused Syrup ...

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