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This page is old and we have completed a much more thorough review of Buds2go.


Buds2go is truly your source for premier Canadian marijuana. There is a lot of debate right now across the web about where to go to find the best Canadian MOM (mail order marijuana) and that is why we have decided to feature this review of BUDS2GO. As with all our reviews, we have personally received at least 1 order from each MOM that we review to ensure the accuracy of the review.

Here at DispensaryGTA, we pride ourselves in providing you with only the most trustworthy and accurate reviews of where you can find weed online and also do our best to keep you informed on all the special offers so that you can get absolutely the best deal!

Examples of their product: 

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IMG 0858 600x600










As you can see their premium bud is covered in trichomes and resin and is absolutely beautiful. The weed/pot offered by Buds2go online and available to be shipped anywhere in Canada is extremely potent will not leave you disappointed by any measure. I was stunned by the potency of all their strains and was not left wanting for more, whether I chose their expensive strains or even some of the less expensive varieties.

That said, their expertise goes above and beyond to stunningly powerful extracts and edibles that compete with the very best of them. No matter what type of experience you are looking for, they offer something for you.

What has your experience been with Buds2go? Let us know in the comments below and please check out our other articles.

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