Budget Buds – Mango Haze

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Budget Buds – Mango Haze is a tasty and popular strain that offers as much potency as it does flavor. This sativa-dominant hybrid is the brainchild of Mr. Nice Seeds, the Netherlands-based creators of Super Silver Haze, and is a mixture of Northern Lights #5SkunkHaze. The complex combination of genetics produces a refreshing, tropical scent and a strong high. Analytical 360 cannabis testing lab measures Mango Haze’s potency at between 9% to 19% THC.

Budget Buds Mango HazeThe large, elongated flowers make the bag attractive. These flowers look a lot like large pine cones and have a spade-like shape. The leaves are in keeping with a characteristically sativa bud structure — they appear loose and in pieces and can be easily torn away from their central stems. These soft, fluffy green leaves are accented with hairy yellow pistils and bright shades of spring green. These leaves have a slight golden sheen due to the translucent amber trichomes that cover their surfaces.

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3.5g, 1oz Quarter Pound (4oz), Quarter Pound (8oz), Half-Pound (8oz), and 1 pound (16oz).

Budget Buds – Mango Haze
Budget Buds – Mango Haze
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