Budbox – Our Second Review – A Powerful Edible, Concentrates and God Bud

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Our Second Budbox!

This is our second review of Budbox. The website remains one of the easiest sites to use and navigate. The product line is voluminous and varied; which makes Budbox the perfect one-stop-shop for your cannabis needs. Their customer service remained responsive and quick, willing to answer any and all questions that were asked of them. The shipment arrived within 3 days of placing the order, and the package was small and would fit in a standard size mailbox.


Please see our comprehensive edible guide, if you are unsure or new to edible consumption.

Noble Extracts XXL Distillate Jelly 300mg 

Noble Extracts XXL Distillate Jelly 300mg

Noble Extracts XXL Distillate Jelly 300mg

This jelly should only be used by experienced users; as the amount of THC in this jelly will produce unfavourable and undesirable effects in novice users not accustomed to such a strong dose.

Furthermore, if you do want to try this massive dose of THC, I would also recommend that the user has a bottle of emergency CBD spray handy to spray sublingually (underneath the tongue) in case those undesired effects rear their ugly head. CBD will help counteract the effect of THC and resolve any negative effects felt from an overdose of THC.

Now that the PSA’s are out of the way, time to talk about the edible itself. Noble Extracts produced a massive 300mg THC jelly distillate. The jelly was a delicious, cherry, and a sugar-coated, gummy candy dream. It did not taste of cannabis; as it was made with pure distillate. I took the jelly bomb all at once, sat back, and waited impatiently for the bomb to explode in my stomach.

50 minutes after consuming Noble Extracts’ monstrous jelly bomb I started feeling a gentle tingling in my tongue; that spread, and produced a dry, arid sensation in my mouth that lasted the rest of the high. Make sure to have lots of water or another healthy beverage available (non-alcoholic only!)

The High of Noble Extracts XXL Distillate Jelly 300mg:

The high produced was long-acting, with a full body sedation and cerebral mindfulness. The jelly bomb took away all of my pain; as well as producing strong audio and visual hallucinations. There was a point I thought I may have overdone after eating regular food (eating food will help strengthen the high, not weaken it)  and became nauseous; but that resolved quickly.

There were also points where my coordination and balance were quite affected while standing, and the high lasted around 6-8 hours; so this edible will definitely go the distance for users who require this medication for epilepsy or pain control.  

Noble Extracts’ XXL Distillate Jelly is a delightfully tasting and incredibly powerful medication. It delivered an accurate and reliable cannabis dosage that lasted far longer than traditional pharmaceuticals would; using an all natural substance that does not cause addiction. This distillate jelly bomb should be considered for all users who require heavy pain control; as this candy helped tremendously.


Critical Kush Budder 

Critical Kush Budder

Critical Kush Budder

As we unscrewed the lid on the cute, airtight, acrylic container; we were hit with the strong, earthy aroma of Budbox’s Critical Kush Budder. There was a spicy, pine scent with a subtle skunky undertone.

When vaped with the Atmos Jr, the flavour retained it’s earthy profile; while adding a spicy, herbal and woodsy flavour. This indica dominant hybrid seemed to have a little more of a crumble consistency rather than a budder; however, it smoked beautifully in our portable vapourizer. The vapour was light, airy and left a lingering hint of a light, earthy aroma.

The high began seductively slow; with a delightful, relaxed body high that built into a happy euphoria. Critical Kush was definitely capable of producing couch-lock and Budbox’s budder worked superbly for pain management. This strain would be an excellent nighttime variety and also treats insomnia, appetite loss and nausea.

Cali Dream Shatter 

As we unpackaged the shatter; the broken glass consistency and resinous, dark amber hue was immediately apparent. This shatter had a subtle, skunky fragrance that waifed from the paper. The Cali Dream shatter from Budbox was a limited edition nug run; and as its currently on sale, surely this shatter will run out quickly.

Cali Dream Shatter

Cali Dream Shatter

Cali Dream shatter was brittle and easy to manipulate and load in our Atmos Jr. pen. It produced a highly flavourful and surprisingly aromatic vapour. The vapour was light and airy and dissipated quickly. It left a slight woodsy fragrance in the air; and a strong woodsy, almost campfire aftertaste that was surprisingly quite pleasant and lasted long after the dab was completed.

The high from Cali Dream Shatter was incredibly calming and relaxing; while, also providing a euphoric and uplifted mood. The vapour was silky smooth with every inhale and the high from this indica dominant hybrid was extremely introspective.

This strain was aptly named ‘Cali Dream’, and we believe this would be a great nighttime strain; or in contrast, a strain to use when you need ideas and thoughts that may be outside the box. Cali Dream Shatter by Budbox is at an unbeatable price for high quality, top strain shatter at $29.99/g; pick yours up before it’s gone. 

Organic BC GodBud 

The large, densely compressed, well cured BC God Bud smelled of sweet pine with an earthy, skunky undertone. The nugget had an olive green complexion; with bright, golden orange pistils bursting from the bud. There were tiny, white crystal trichomes glittering over the entirety of the beautiful flower.

Organic BC God

Organic BC God

When Organic BC GodBud was consumed:

When combusted, the smoke was rich and dense; but incredibly smooth. There was definitely a mild skunk undertone to the smoke; however, the sweet fragrance of a woodsy pine overpowered the skunk odour. There was a pleasant aroma that lingered in the air that was very reminiscent of campfires. The smoke was flavourful and aromatic and BC God Bud was highly pleasurable to smoke in a bong.

When vaped in the Arizer V-Tower, BC God Bud produced light and airy vapour that was flavoured strongly of earthy, sharp and refreshing pine. There was also a citrus flavour as a subtle undercurrent beneath the pine that wasn’t as apparent when combusting. The vapour dissipated quickly and there were no lingering odours.   

The High of Budbox’s Organic BC God:

The high was relaxing and somewhat sedating; however, we found you could still accomplish the tasks you needed to do, you just felt very calm while doing so. There was also a mild sense of euphoria and a full body relaxation that would be good for pain relief. This indica dominant hybrid also treats insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, anxiety, stress and depression. Budbox’s BC God Bud was a high quality, well cured and a top-shelf strain that is best used at nighttime or after a long, hard day.


Budbox has such a massive quantity of quality cannabis products at affordable prices and such a unique business model to deliver their customers quality flower, edibles and extract. Their customer service is impeccable, and they carry unique, high-quality cannabis products and price them competitively. This MOM dispensary is dedicated to ensuring their customers have access to high-quality marijuana, at a fraction of the price.    


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