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Review of Black Tuna From BuyWeedPacks

Black Tuna is a cannabis strain that was created by crossing the genetics of Lamb’s Bread and Herijuana, which are both well-known for their THC content.

The blend of these two strains creates a potent hybrid that offers consumers an array of positive effects from each strain, with a unique flavour profile to boot. The result of this cross-breeding was a strong hybrid that could produce up to 25% THC on average.

You will be happy to know that Black Tuna got named after a Colombian smuggling gang and doesn’t smell of tuna fish.

BuyWeedPacks Offers Black Tuna With 25% THC

The strain, carefully bred to produce large amounts of THC, provides many medicinal benefits.

Black Tuna has a very strong earthy taste and produces an uplifting, happy, and euphoric effect.

The strain is effective for treating anxiety, depression, chronic pain, nausea, migraines, headaches, glaucoma and other conditions. BuyWeedPacks 420 offer provides people with the opportunity to purchase high-quality cannabis such as this at an amazingly affordable price.

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Black Tuna – AAA
Black Tuna – AAA
$60/oz $65/oz
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