Best Strains For Having High Sex

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We already know weed can enhance our senses and our experiences – food tastes better, pain lessens, anxiety fades into the background – but what about having sex while high?

You’ve probably heard that sex while high ignites romantic fires and takes your sexual experience to the next level.

And you might have heard that it’s not just saucy rhetoric anymore, but supported by science.

With all this in mind, you’re probably wondering how to go about creating such a weed and sex-filled experience: How do I ask? How do I set the right mood? And what about the best strains for sex?

We’re here to make this process a whole lot easier by providing you with some essential tips, from fore-play activities to the best pot for the ultimate night of bedroom shenanigans. That is an evening of marijuana and sex.

…hold on to your pants! ?

How to Create a Sex While High Mood

Cannabis has been used for many reasons over the past few millennia – one being an incredible aphrodisiac.

Being in the cannabis sensitive state can bring out your vulnerabilities, your innermost thoughts and feelings, and remove self-conscious and anxiety-ridden thoughts, thus freeing both you and your partner(s) to express an innate self rarely expressed.

Nothing is sexier than being real and present while being extra sensitive and in-tune with your romantic partner.

If you’re stuck and need a little boost for how to incorporate marijuana into your romantic endeavours, here are a few things you can try for a memorable marijuana and sex experience.

Start The Sex While High Mood With…

Young couple portrait sharing a smoke coming out from theirs mouth.

Shotgun Kiss:  This takes place when one of you takes a hit, holds the smoke inside, and then breathes it into the others’ mouth, which then gets inhaled. Quite the move if you want to get close to your partner and ignite a sex while high experience. Sexy, sexy indeed.

Hawaiian Hotbox: Try the shotgun kiss mixed in with the traditional Hawaiian hotbox. Just let the shower run on hot until the mirrors are clouded with steam, then start smoking as you watch the steamy air turn into thick fog, creating an undeniably steamy and stimulating atmosphere, where it’s possible you won’t see clearly all the way across the room. It’s really up to you and your plus one to decide what’s next…

Massages: There’s nothing better than getting in the mood with a good ol’ fashioned back massage, especially when your bodies are fully charged and every touch feels heightened. A touch on your skin will feel infinitely more sensual than usual, lips pressed up against your partner’s back might send them dizzy with bliss. It goes without saying that a massage can quickly light the room on fire…

Express Your Fantasies: Weed intensifies everything, your thoughts, your physical sensations and your sense of openness. When you’re both fully relaxed and talkative, now’s the perfect chance to open up about your naughtiest fantasies and all the things that you’ve always wanted to say to each other. You’d be surprised at the power of imagination and suggestion… and if you end up doing other things as a result, then our work is done!

With these activities in mind, let’s break down the best strains for a sex while high experience.

Sex while high activities

Best Strains for Sex While High…

1)  Sour Diesel (The Do-it Like Rabbits Strain)

Sour Diesel, otherwise known as Sour D, is a true energetic Sativa with a 90:10 Sativa to Indica ratio. With a strong fuel and citrus aroma, it’ll get you passionate and have you riding uplifting energy all the way. No sleepiness here!

With a THC content of up to 22%, Sour Diesel is potent so get ready for its potentially psycho-active high. This sativa also offers the ideal ‘upper,’ as it hits you with profound cerebral experience with virtually no couch lock – you and your partner will feel euphoric, uplifted and energetic. Feel any weights of stress, pain, or sadness fade away in long-lasting relief.

2) Durban Poison (The Energetic, Intense Pleasure Strain)

There’s no doubt that weed greatly enhances the sexual experience for many — they’re extra sensitive to senses and urges that are subtle, not to mention ultimate relaxation kicks in by helping to remove anxiety, or removing plain old nerves.

Like the previous strain, Durban Poison is great for feeling a spark of uplifting energy, helping you and your partner get into the mood and seize the moment. Along with tons of energy, this sweet-smelling strain can provide an intense emotional euphoria, with an experience that is deep and pleasurable.

Durban Poison also carries creative notes which is always positive when it comes to being more intimate, thus making you and your partner feel more euphoric and inspired, making it ideal for the bedroom and one of the best strains for sex.

3) Romulan (The Strain for That Special Someone)

If you’re a fan of Star Trek then you’ve heard of Romulan before. That’s exactly where this potent strain got its name from. Being an Indica strain, it’s best to save it for someone special because it’s definitely more of an ‘intense lovemaking’ strain as it gives you a full-body calm with heavily intoxicating properties.

Imagine time slowed down for you and your other half. High-quality Romulan is smooth, provides deep relaxation while creating a high that’s profound and euphoric. Picture experiencing this as you and your plus one get lost in each other. When it comes to marijuana and sex, you can’t ask for much more than this.

Having sex while high

Ready to Try Sex While High?

Alright, I think we’ve made our point.

Weed and sex, when put together, can create some of the best experiences. However, creating sex while high mood requires a little know-how, along with the best strains suited for the purpose.

In other words, high sex is an art.

But when you have it down to a tee, marijuana and sex will add time-bending and deeply relaxing elements when you’re making love. Each moment will last considerably longer and you’ll be left with questions as to why you didn’t start a long, long time ago.

Now with our weed and sex guide, get out there and get busy!

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