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Cannabis was legalized recreationally back in October 2018, and since then, shopping through online dispensaries have become increasingly popular. In fact, there are over 150 online dispensaries currently in Canada, with more opening their virtual doors every day.

With such a wide selection to choose from when ordering cannabis online, it comes as no surprise that there are some dispensaries that offer mediocre product, low-quality cannabis, a faulty attitude, or anything in between. Trying to make your way through what’s a legitimate, trustworthy online dispensary and what’s just another clone with different branding can be a task for someone not informed on how to tell the differences.

Fortunately, we’ve been doing some deep research over at DispensaryGTA, compiling a list of online dispensaries across Canada that live up to our rigorous standards. Key factors we look for are whether an online dispensary has a secure checkout page, an optimized website, experience or a past client history, range of products available, the quality of the product, and much more.

It doesn’t have to be the cheapest online dispensary in Canada to provide affordable products that are still of the highest quality. Let’s look at the online dispensary Canada reviews that matter – so that you can stop second guessing and start confidently buying the cannabis products that you love online without having to even leave your home.

Green Society – Exceptional Quality and Vast Range Selection

When it comes to cannabis, Green Society can make a little go a long way. A Vancouver-based online dispensary, they believe in the power of cannabis to provide many health benefits and even heal diseases. When so many people rely on cannabis for relief from their ailments or conditions, Green Society understands the importance of providing only the highest quality society logo

It goes further than that, though, as we rank Green Society for having quality cannabis and a wide selection of products to choose from. The biggest problem, when ordering, becomes deciding what to even buy! Once you know what you want to grab up, the ordering system through Green Society is one of the most innovative, efficient, and fastest methods in Canada. If you don’t know a Green Society package is headed to your home, you could easily mistake the discreet packaging for something else.

They aim for the full package when you purchase, so the Green Society team stays educated on the trends of the industry, new knowledge on the plant, and more. Each strain of cannabis will come vacuum sealed, with a label describing exactly which strain is which. So discreet, the box can even fit inside a standard-sized mailbox. While it’s not the cheapest online dispensary in Canada, it is supremely cost-effective, and they frequently offer discounts to help Canadians save even more.

Green Society comes in on our best online dispensary in Canada list for the sheer range of products to choose from, but that can’t be said without mentioning the quality of their bud. They rank in for both their exceptional quality and vast range selection of cannabis products.

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CannaWholesalers – Premium Bulk Ordering Options

“Wholesale” gets a bad rep for meaning lower quality because of the sheer bulk of the product, and CannaWholesalers works to constantly prove that stereotype wrong. Their focus is entirely on ensuring they provide some of the highest quality flower on the market – and they’re a dispensary of their word. A namesake for dispensaries across Canada now, CannaWholesalers climbed to the top with their impressive product and quality service, establishing over 80 facilities in the British Columbia region. The demand for their cannabis also helped the company explode.canna wholesalers logo

An expert in their field at this point in the game, CannaWholesalers provides the largest variety of cannabis while maintaining the most consistent rotation of strains to boot. Never get tired of what you’re smoking, but also never worry about trying out a strain that you’ll never be able to find again! They have next-day delivery for their products, on top of everything else.

CannaWholesalers tops in as the best dispensary on our list for their premium bulk ordering options, providing a cost-effective alternative to buying in small quantities. Not only do they aim to be affordable for patients and consumers alike, but they guarantee matching the price with their competitors if their competitors are trying to undersell them.

Coupon Code to CannaWholesalers: “GTA5” – 5% off 

Review | Website – Exquisite Craft Cannabis

A dispensary willing to go above and beyond to provide an exceptional product always stands out in our books. That’s why Peak 420 aims to provide lab testing for all its flower, establishing and ensurinonline dispensary ontariog the best possible quality product.

The determination to ensure each batch of product is lab tested is a reassuring factor, especially if you’re concerned about pollutants and other contaminants in your cannabis. Lab testing each product, albeit not the most cost-effective, is certainly a procedure we hope more dispensaries will be providing as recreational and medical use both surges forward at record highs. The commitment to quality from Peak 420 is unmatched, guaranteeing quality bud and a quality buzz every time.

Customer service at Peak 420 appears to always be prompt and friendly and the packages arrive odorless, indiscernible in their discreet packaging. They can deliver as quickly as three days, with their exquisitely crafted cannabis strains all labelled appropriately and sealed vacuum tight.

They have a versatile list of strain options, including a Bubba Kings collection with strains like Super Bubba and Bubba God and shatter like Death Bubba Shatter. Each strain is unique in taste, potency, intensity, and effect on the body, though anything sampled has been of the most exquisite variety thus far.

Offering not just strains or wax, Peak 420 also has items like an edible’s milkshake mix, honey oil, edible gummy bears, and much more. Their diverse list changes regularly, offering a change of pace for those consumers and patients who always want to try something new.

Coupon Code for Peak420: “GTA15” – 15% off

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TheHighClub – Ultimate-Tier Cannabis Flower

The competitive prices of the high-quality cannabis from TheHighClub landed the online dispensary in Canada easily to our list. Meeting the rigorous standards we put each dispensary through, they got pluses and checks across the board. We admire the rigorous standards that TheHighClub holds themselves to, guaranteeing the best medicinal-grade cannabis available on the market. They’re a strong believer that every Canadian of age should be able to readily access affordable, medicinal cannabis across the nation.thehighclub logo

While many online dispensaries source their product from outside the country, TheHighClub only sources local, Canadian products. They understand the benefit of buying local, wanting to give back to the country that continues to surge demand towards the dispensary.

TheHighClub puts each of their strains through a brutal test, verifying that their growers and products all meet the standards put in place. They take it a step further by not only jumping through the hoops to meet recreational standards, they also meet and frequently exceed the medicinal grade standards put in place by Health Canada. Meeting these standards demonstrates the quality of product that TheHighClub can produce, sparking confidence in their consumers and heightening demand for the product.

Landing on our list for having some of the highest quality cannabis flower in Canada, they are one of the best online dispensaries in Canada for wholesale, bulk orders as well as smaller, general transactions.

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3 Ways to Order Cannabis Online in Canada

There are currently 3 different ways you can order cannabis online if you reside in Canada:

  1. You can order from an online recreational dispensary in your province if the dispensary is operated privately or by the province. You are restricted to ordering from stores within your province through this method, so if you live in British Columbia you’ll be limited to the online options for BC.
  2. Alternatively, if a cannabis producer is licensed under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), you can mail-order medical marijuana from them.
  3. Likewise, there are online dispensaries that are not licensed under ACMPR that operate in the “Grey Market.” These dispensaries help to assist with the rampant demand for cannabis in Canada, though they’ve been helping since a decade before cannabis ever become legalized.


As Canada basks in the recreational classification of marijuana across the entire nation, it’s easy to see that mail-order cannabis is here to stay – and for an excellent reason.

Now, both medicinal and recreational cannabis users across the country have access to all types of cannabis products without having to leave the comfort of their home; useful for those who don’t feel like getting out and going to the dispensary, life-saving for those that find relief from marijuana and are disabled or unable to get to a physical dispensary.

While ordering cannabis online isn’t necessarily new, the recreational classification of the plant puts many Canadians at ease that were holding their breaths for the first day of legal cannabis sales. Ordering marijuana online now is more cost-effective, discreet, and simple than ever, opening the door for decades of online ordering to come.

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