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Looking for the best online cannabis concentrate deals in Canada?

Note from the editor: If you’re looking for the best deals on concentrates in 2022, we highly recommend Herb Approach for some of the highest quality, most affordable options currently available in Canada. 

There are numerous types of cannabis concentrates for sale at online cannabis dispensaries. If you’re not familiar with them, then here’s a little bit of the basic information behind the different types, processes, and origins behind different cannabis extractions.

Shatter, hash, oils, distillates, crumble, live resin and caviar are a handful of the most popular types of cannabis concentrates. Each type of cannabis concentrate has its own extraction process and different quality types based on the material that the concentrate is extracted from.

various concentrates best deals

For instance, higher-quality shatter concentrates consist of a product that is usually made with an extraction process that only uses high-grade cannabis flowers; while in contrast, low-grade shatter can be made with the loose-leaf leftovers from harvest.

Cannabis concentrates differ greatly in their individual extraction processes and the utilized material, so be sure to conduct further research if you feel that it is necessary; otherwise, use’s list; to help you determine the best, cheap concentrates deals in Canada! Here is a sampling of the best deals:

Death Bubba Shatter from Get Kush

Death Bubba Get Kush Shatter Best Deal

Get Kush – The cheapest shatter is available with the additional perks of purchase quantity; as low as, 2 grams, a free 14 grams and free shipping with purchase of over $349, and a minimum 40 reward points.

Our Pick: Choose Death Bubba when you shop for shatter at Get Kush. The stock that is currently listed for sale is of a new batch dated December 12th. Death Bubba from Get Kush is a dark colour, amber shatter that has improved in smoke quality, since the previous batch.

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Caviar from Weedsmartcaviar concentrate from weedsmart best deal

Weedsmart – Weedsmart’s seemingly endless supply of different cheap concentrates comes with additional deals like 18%, 25%, and even 30% off, individually marked products. Extracts that are within their diverse selections consist of; cheap hash, shatter, live resin and cheap concentrates, that are of high quality and often out of stock due to high demand.

Our Pick: Caviar from Weedsmart is our go-to for exquisite, high-end extracts, at an affordable price. The extraction process for caviar is complicated and gives us a newfound respect for the complex process. The caviar extract from Weedsmart is a full-spectrum extract, that is created by a complicated process of combining terpene vapours that are trapped at subzero temperatures; further introducing, the lost terpenes into the cannabis concentrate.

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Mercedes Hash from CannaWholesalersMercedes Hash Best Deals

CannaWholesalers – A quality blend of products that include high-quality kief, cheap shatter of high grade, cheap hash from the top shelf, cheap distillate, and more cheap concentrates can be found from CannaWholesalers

Our Pick: Go with Mercedes Hash from CannaWholesalers and skip the decision process, because this is the cheap, cannabis concentrate that you never knew you were looking for. Mercedes Hash originated from Afghanistan and consists of quality hash with a desirable texture and colour, at a cheap hash price.

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Lemon Cake Shatter from CannaWholesalers Best Deals Lemon Cake from CannaWholesaler– Once again, this cannabis wholesaler has the best cheap cannabis concentrates; at a high level of quality, a high level of varieties to choose from and best of all, wholesale prices, that won’t break the bank.

Our Pick: Look no further than the high-grade, Lemon Cake Shatter from This sativa-dominant strain, by Heavyweight Seeds, is a cross between Lemon Skunk and the second is an unspecified strain, that is a “dangerously powerful cheese”. The taste of this sativa dominant shatter is exquisite and has delicate flavours; wrapped up with, an energizing, lemon zest, to power through your day. The best part is that this shatter won’t lock you to the couch or leave you feeling foggy and unfocused.

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If you choose one or more of any of the reputable cannabis dispensary websites listed above, you’ll for sure get high-quality concentrates, at a great price. If you do try one out, be sure to let us know how it went for you down in the comment section!

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