5 Tips to Tighten Your Cannabis Dispensary Security

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The legalization of recreational and medical marijuana has made dispensaries a flourishing industry. Businesses such as cannabis dispensaries attract attention – both good and bad. Considering the nature of the business, the high demand for the product and the daily cash flow, necessary precautions should be taken.

Here Are 5 Tips To Tighten Cannabis Dispensary Security:

Invest in a Security System

In making sure that a dispensary is safe and secured, one must invest in a good security and monitoring system. State compliance should be the minimum standard and not the objective.video 900

What better way to secure your business than putting up high-grade cameras all over. The more, the better. Given the idea that you have a clear picture of how they look, robbers would think twice before intruding your property. Make sure that the cameras are visible to give the impression that the dispensary is well monitored.
Motion sensors and an alarm system that has real-time notification are greatly recommended as well.

As a business owner, it is important to keep track of the activities inside your dispensary. Whether it is a suspicious entry in the middle of the night, or an employee opening the cash register past store hours; it is important to be informed.

A third party monitoring system is favorable should you wish to have someone check on your place of business 24/7. Security companies like Frontpoint are now able to set up a security system, provide monitoring, and send help in case of break-ins.

Onsite Guard and Mantrap

An armed guard may be a good way to intimidate bad guys lurking outside your store. Some dispensaries are now getting services of protection agencies to ensure that people getting in are properly vetted.Onsite gaurd for cannabis dispensary security

Furthermore, a mantrap is a good idea when planning the layout of your shop. It is an added barrier for potential burglars to get pass through.

To caution, careful consideration should be done before gearing towards these directions. Some customers might not be comfortable with the idea of an armed guard or a mantrap. They might get the feeling that it is unsafe to go inside and this might potentially scare them away. It is a matter of weighing the pros and cons.

Invest in Training Employees

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Just like in any business, your greatest investment is your people. You have to teach employees to be attentive and identify things they should look out for. They should be equipped with the knowledge of identifying red flags and the presence of mind to call for help when needed.

If an armed guard is not suitable for you, you might want to consider adding manpower during peak hours. That way, you have an extra set of eyes looking around the dispensary when other employees are busy attending to customers.

Hire Transportation to Move Cash and Stash

With the cannabis industry being so well-known for high cash flow, it is a difficult task to transport money to the bank. As a business owner, you would not want to move the money on your own. It is just too risky!

Getting marijuana from your suppliers or from the growing facility to the dispensary might also pose as a problem. Because of its value, it is an appealing target for theft and your product is most vulnerable when it is in transit.

Some dispensaries are now getting the services of security companies that specialize in transportation safety. They have armored cars and two guards – one who drives and another one inside. This way the cash or product is safely transported without putting anyone’s safety on the line.

Additional tip: you might want to set an irregular schedule of transportation. This way, they won’t know when the next transport would be.

Be Modest and Discreet

As your business grows, your income would grow. But as a business owner, you should be careful in appearing to be raking in too much cash. Make sure to keep your cash away from the public eyes. Leave enough amount of money inside the register but the rest should be kept in a safe or inside an office.

Moreover, product’s display should be of minimum amount only. The rest should be kept in a storage room. You do not want people to think you have too many valuable goods inside.

In most cases, intruders would go for something that has the highest value. In this case, it is not the plant per se but the dried products ready for distribution. That is why you should ensure that most of your products are safely stored inside your dry room.

Having a business is no easy feat; it does not get easy if your business attracts all kinds of attention. As inventories and cash increase, so does the risks.

As an entrepreneur, you should put careful attention into securing your place of business, because in this industry, your dispensary is only as good as the sense of security you provide to your customer. That is why vigilance is key. One can never be too careful.

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